People with a fear of heights - there is not a place;) see below.

Let's start with the type of Sydney, which opens with a vertiginous 268-meter tower of the city center. Observation platform is located at a height of 160 meters (525 feet).

Extreme bridge in the form of a horseshoe "Sky Walk» (Skywalk) over the Grand Canyon height of 1,219 m (4,000 ft) is the second largest glass floor in the world.

You always say, "Do not look down!" But you just can not not watch. Especially when you are standing on the glass floor of the tower at a height of Calgary 191 m (626 ft). It is located in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

And how do you glass tower in Blackpool, United Kingdom? It rises above the ground at 158 ​​meters (519 feet).

That is evident when you look at his feet, standing in the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, UK. Glass floor at a height of 170 meters (560 feet).

Can you imagine what was going on in the head of this girl when she looks down from Chicago Willis tower height 442 meters (1450 feet)? The glass balcony "floating" in the air far above the ground.

In the mountains you can attract not only the snow. This glass cage called "Step into the void» (Pas dans le Vide) at the top of the peak of the Aiguille du Midi (3842 meters or 12,604 feet). The new platform has recently replaced the Grand Canyon Skywalk, which was previously considered the most high glass observation deck in the world. I wonder who's next?

This is the view from the first floor to 540 meters a minute (1772 feet) Ostankino TV tower, Moscow, Russia.

This picture is heightened excitement. Sexy legs and a stunning panoramic view of the very high glass observation deck in the southern hemisphere. Tower "Eureka" height of 297 meters (975 feet) is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Glass corridor and an observation deck in the Shanghai World Financial Center offers visitors a walk above the city at an altitude of 474 meters (1555 feet). Good place for a romantic recognition.

This kind of an overview of all 360 opens in one of the two observatories, Tokyo Tower, which rises 333 meters (1093 feet).

This is an observation deck at a height of 350 meters (1148 feet) in the tower "Sky Tree" in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The total height of the structure consists of 634 m (2080 ft).

It seems the girl a small stress. Glass floor TV Tower in Shanghai, China, at an altitude of 468 meters (1535 feet).

View through glass floor observation deck of the CN Tower, at a height of 553 meters (1815 feet) in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

If you stay within the CN Tower exciting enough for you, and you're feeling brave, you can take a wonderful stroll through the small ledge, which is 356 meters high from the ground. One puff of wind is enough for a heart attack.


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