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Unpleasant events broke out in Moscow two weeks ago.
In Kuntsevo district officials decided to demolish the only playground.
A resident of one of the houses, Andrey Salnikov, erected their own hands this beauty for kids.
As it turned out, it does not meet state standards, and it decided to bulldoze.
No platform - there are no problems, the official slogan.

Residents protested, the news media have noticed a unique platform and managed to repulse.

The story is remarkable in that good playgrounds in Moscow is very small. No, in comparison with what is going on in other cities, or to the fact that it was in Moscow 5 years ago, today the site is a miracle. But they are bad.

Do you know how to distinguish good from bad playground? If you need an adult, I want to go play, ride a roller coaster and climb the ropes and bridges - means a good playground. Do not think that the children of some special and they, unlike you, you can slip the plastic multicolored primitive shit. Of course, for lack of a better, and will play without any grounds at all, but that does not mean that a good site can do.

By the way, another point of interest. One of the reasons for the demolition of the site were the complaints of several residents. Complaints about such: "The residents of our home - old people, and here every day under the windows of children's screams. And the right to their own children, so here a bunch of strangers. We do not need other people's children. Receding here. And that Andrew - moron. He's crazy. " In my understanding of the normal person can not say that. Normal people are always more, but their voice is much quieter. They sit on the Internet, go to the cafe to work and live a normal life, in which all is well. Of course, most of them involved in the life of his district, his court, did not go to public hearings, he is not interested in making justice, as there are officials who have it all to do. But officials hear primarily the loudest voice, and often he does not belong at all healthy people. As a result, when it appears on the horizon bucket bulldozer, we begin to groan and exclaim. How so? It's very simple.

01. The ship is called the "Golden." In honor of the youngest daughter of Andrey Salnikov

02. As a result, instead of 20 people a year ago, came to the council and was asked to put a monument to Andrei Salnikov, or at least obvit gratitude, we have to go to stop this same bulldozer.

03. I am very sad that good people have not taken notice when they are fine. We have assumed that about the dead pleasure to good, or in any way, but about living or bad, or nothing.

04. What I mean, look around. Surely you are surrounded by a lot of good, good and indifferent people who can support right now.


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