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"I need to get me scared these turbulent flows, dead forests, mountains, narrow paths that lead up and down, opened, and behind me the abyss - Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote about his love for traveling to the French Alps. - The type of steep cliffs head starts to spin, and this feeling gives me great pleasure, on condition that I myself am in safety ".

Rousseau was not the only one who liked to look down the steep cliffs and feel dizzy. Men and women of Europe of the 18th century happily went to the "Big Trip" - climbing the mountains to look into the abyss, and stood on the edge of cliffs, admiring the views opening up before them - majestic and frightening at the same time.

Thirst for thrills never leaves us today. Three centuries later we all just pulls up the desire to feel the fear and delight of the type of the abyss. Only now, thanks to new technologies and special viewpoint, make it much easier than in the time of Rousseau.

The observation deck of the Grand Canyon Skywalk

At the Grand Canyon, you can take a walk on the bridge with a glass floor, outstanding over the precipice.

Glass balconies Ledge Skydeck observation deck make it possible to admire the views of Chicago from a great height

Four glass balconies were built at the height of the 103rd floor (412 meters) of one of the tallest skyscrapers of Chicago. They are made from 3-hsloynogo superalloy glass. Each balcony can accommodate up to five people and stand up to five tons. On a clear day with the site you can see the entire four states - Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana. But the most beautiful view opens at dusk, when the lights of the city are just starting to light up and - as if under your feet is revealed the vast starry sky. If desired, you can book a private lunch or dinner at one of these balconies. Some even celebrate a wedding here.

Footbridge Titlis Cliff Walk

This suspension bridge is called the highest and most terrible in Europe. Its width is only 91 cm., While the depth of the chasm, through which it runs - 457 meters.

Suspension observation deck at the Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil

it regards as favorite Rousseau turbulent water flow, then there is the spectacular show opens with a viewing platform, installed at Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil. Iguazu Falls is a series of 270 rapid and terrible flows, which turns into River Falls. The observation deck is suspended at a dizzying height of 250 meters and the view from it will not disappoint any fan of thrills.

5. Lookout Skywalk in Oakland

This observation deck is unique in that provides the opportunity to walk in the open, unfenced track width of 1, 2 meters at a height of 193 meters above the streets of the New Zealand city of Auckland. Skywalk is located on the top of the tower of the local. Safety of such awe-inspiring walks provided with special overalls with carbines that visitors to wear a safety mechanisms.

6. Lookout Aurland Lookout

Dizzying view this site reinforces its very design: it is made in the form of a bridge that leads down into the abyss. Wooden bridge begins at the edge of a mountain road, issued ahead by 30 meters and, oddly rounded goes down. But this, of course, only an appearance. Before the "cliff" area ends and you can enjoy stunning views from a height of 610 meters over the fjord, framed by wooded slopes.

7. Bridge on the Dachstein glacier, Austria

This observation deck opened in July last year and is also known as "Stairway to nowhere." It hangs at an altitude of 2743 meters above the Austrian Alps near Schladming, and also gives visitors an excellent opportunity to tickle your nerves. Outdoor suspension bridge ends of the glass platform, which offers a dizzying view of the mountain landscape.

The observation deck "Step into the void," the French Alps

Recently, in the French Alps, on the upper terrace of the Aiguille du Midi, opened observation deck, which was called "Step into the void» («Step Into the Void»). This ride is really not for the faint of heart - it is a giant
glass cube, literally "hanging" over the precipice.

Glass room has five transparent faces, each of which consists of three layers of ultra glass. And beneath their feet - 1035 meters alpine air and glaciers ahead - a magnificent view of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps.

By viewing platform, visitors can be reached in 20 minutes by cable car, where they were waiting for the most thrilling and guarantee complete safety. Rousseau would have liked.

Before entering the booth given special soft slippers - to the floor in the cabin will not scratch and remained as clear and transparent.


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