Russian military bases will be in Argentina

Russian military bases will appear in Argentina, negotiations with Cuba, Seychelles, Vietnam and Singapore

The second largest country in South America has agreed to host Russian military bases. The decision was made at a time when the whole world is fixated on the events taking place in Ukraine, writes "Military Review».

"Following the logic chain, we can understand that this move will cause concern of the Russian Federation in the United States. After all, Argentina and Venezuela are close supporter of friendly relations with Iran, "- the newspaper notes.

Formation of the Russian bases and increase the Russian presence in the Western Hemisphere, the article says, will be a challenge for the US authorities marks and reducing the influence of Washington. "America has never had a sufficient defense along its southern borders and can not adequately protect them from any missile attack", - stated in the article.

As recalled by Liberty Voice, the idea of ​​increasing military presence and increasing the supply of arms to Latin America, President Vladimir Putin announced Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in February. Moscow's plan is a response to increasing US presence at the borders of Russia and Iran.

Analysts figure out how to destroy 90% of the population of the United States

LV experts point out that the electromagnetic pulse can easily incapacitate electronic communications, which have come to rely on in the United States. In such circumstances, in case of attack a few months from starvation and lack of medical care casualties among the US population may be as high as 90%.

The publication cites reports indicating the desire of Vladimir Putin to establish military bases in Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Argentina, as these four countries are close partners of Moscow. Experts believe that the Kremlin's attention will be primarily focused on Nicaragua, which remains relatively stable political and economic environment. Note, while Russian diplomats did not confirm an agreement with Nicaragua.

In any case, the article says, the emergence of the Russian military in South America would allow Moscow to deal effectively with the problem, not only in Latin, but also in North America. Latin American media have noted that the Obama administration does nothing to counter the Russian, Iranian or Chinese expansion.

In addition, the US Secretary of State John Kerry in November before the members of the Organization of American States announced that Washington's refusal to "Monroe Doctrine", which proclaimed the Americas area, closed to the intervention of the European powers.

A former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul generally assures his compatriots that the military power of Russia today - a "shadow of the Soviet power", so any global conflict, he considers it unlikely.

Argentine leader Cristina de Kirchner, reminiscent of the "Voice of Russia", has already demonstrated the support of Russia in the Crimean issue, saying that the UN Charter provides for the right of people to self-determination, without making exceptions for all countries. In Buenos Aires, drew an analogy with the situation around the Falkland Islands. A year ago, there is a referendum, and the UN did not question the right of the islanders to choose between Argentina and Great Britain.

Moscow to create a Eurasian power centers as opposed to Washington

Key Russian military partners can also be China and India. Already in Delhi are interested in cooperation with the Russian defense enterprises, and Beijing is involved in joint military-technical projects.

"The development of Russian-Chinese relations are still limited by the conventions that exist due to the policy of the West. However, the termination of "friendship" with the United States and the European Union will inevitably lead to the removal of these restrictions. Most likely, Moscow will expand and increase the export of arms shipments to India and China, as well as find new markets in those countries where the earlier Russian companies are particularly active in connection with the desire not to interfere with the states of the Western world "- suggests" Military Review ».

Last year, Moscow and Beijing signed a framework agreement on the supply of diesel submarines of the "Harmony" and Su-35 to China. This, analysts say the newspaper, will allow to stop any military threat from the "American puppets" - Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and Taiwan. In the logic of the new Chinese military doctrine can enter and purchase of Russian nuclear submarines, and the acquisition of nuclear technology.

"Beijing wants to improve the system and missile warning. In circumstances where one of the strongest nuclear powers - the United States - becomes your enemy, you should always be on the alert: Washington in the media is not shy, and uses a wide range of military and political methods, ranging from the financing of terrorism and ending the armed frank blackmail "- said in a article.

Strategy of Russia on the Eurasian continent looks pretty simple: create centers of power that can counter the influence of the United States as opposed to Washington's interest in crushing Eurasian states, as far back as the 80s said Zbigniew Brzezinski, the chief ideologue of contemporary US foreign policy. According to "Military Review", Russia could easily thwart the plans of Washington, intensifying military-technical cooperation with countries in Asia and forcing the US to face with several counterweights not only in Eurasia, but also other regions.

"Thus, the worsening of the Ukrainian crisis and rupture of relations with Russia, the West can be expensive. The modern world is not as simple as it might seem at first glance, and the strengthening of the position in one region will inevitably lead to their weakening in the other. The United States should understand that it is impossible to control everything and everyone, and for attempting to establish a global hegemony will have to pay, "- says the article.

Recall Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told reporters on February 26 that Russia intends to increase the number of military bases abroad and is actively negotiating on this topic. According to him, Moscow plans to expand the number of their bases at the expense of countries such as Vietnam and Cuba, and Venezuela, Nicaragua, Seychelles, Singapore, the relevant agreements are ready. This statement was bewildered seen in Nicaragua and Venezuela, as the constitution of these countries prohibit foreign military bases on its territory.



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