Please Putin: close network of McDonald's restaurants in Russia

xs, fake not fake. However, the site collected signatures under the appeal to Vladimir Putin (Russian president).

Here is the text a request:
"Due to the current complicated international situation and the pressure of the US and the European Union to the Russian Federation, expressing the will of the people of Russia In accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, we ask the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to raise the issue of sanctions against the international corporation" McDonald's Corporation " , as well as prohibit the commercial activities of their subsidiaries in Russia JSC "Moscow-McDonald's" and LLC "McDonald's».
Production Corporation "McDonald's Corporation" dangerous to the health of the population of the Russian Federation, and in the future from the use of this company people can suffer from obesity and cardiovascular disease.
We want to emphasize that because of the impact of the aggressive advertising primarily affects children and adolescents. Eating at fast food restaurants "McDonald's Corporation" Children and adolescents are potential patients of medical institutions that a high probability in the future will increase the financial burden on the budget in the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, and a vector of development of events is not logical from a political point of view, economically unfounded and invalid due to the unstable economic situation in the world.
In the light of the signing of Russian President decree on the start of the project on the revival of the TRP (Ready for Labor and Defense), is unacceptable combination of receiving junk food and exercise sportom.Vypolnenie GTO is impossible under such circumstances.
I would also like to bring the example of Switzerland, which has renounced the fast food chain "McDonald's Corporation" in 2012, due to the growth in the population of diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
We ask the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to raise the issue of the closure of the fast food corporation "McDonald's Corporation" in the Russian Federation. "
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ps with this I totally agree! Maybe this is a historic opportunity to get rid of these attractions junk food - McDonald's, KFC, etc.? That would be really our asymmetrical and absolutely good (healthy) response to American pressure.
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