How do I became chilavekom ...

How do I became chilavekom
When I was 22, I was wearing green shorts dimensionless Bermuda who pulled on the breasts, and even the white jersey in obtyag a "Mickey Mouse" full breasts, which I carefully tucked into their favorite shorts. I also have been to the blue golfiki diateznyh knees. I remembered I had even sneakers "Sport" !!!

Ah, my friends, there were times - June and a final exam at the school for morons, where I studied. Modeling clay. I was getting ready for a whole week. He helped me to prepare favorite bug Schumacher and electronic game "Well, wait!". I turned on the turtle shell and taught her lower break, and "Well, wait!" I tried to earn 1000 points to see the cartoon. I was looking for inspiration !!!

When I shaved before the exam, Schumacher crawled onto the balcony and committed suicide. Then, at autopsy revealed that she had a depressive-mania and suicidal. On examination I came broken !!!

At the exam the teacher gave each pound of clay, said that we have fashioned it, who we want to be, and left for three hours drinking with the Trudoviks. My classmates have started the clay, and I sculpt out of it katyah. Katyah turned out beautiful. And most importantly fast !!!

Classmates had finished their clay, and I was bored and sad for Schumacher. Without realizing it, I tore off a piece of katyaha blindly out of it, "Well, wait!" And began to fantasize that I play it. I was so fascinated, he had not noticed my neighbor's party ate my katyah !!!

When the teacher returned screwy, but to my plasticine, no one was. All were given diplomas in physical education, and to me the gold medal !!!

Then there was a graduation party. My neighbor's party scene with Gene told his favorite poem, which he invented:

I lodge Seeb f SHTON
This for Soton!

We have the whole class sang a favorite song of our fizruka Adolf Benitovicha "I'll kill you the boatman," we were given certificates, laxative and sent home. Started adult life !!!

I am fine. I'm self-actualization. Hotdog work for $ 50,000 a month!
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