In China forged IKEA store

In the city of Kunming in the south-east of China found furniture store, copied from the stores of the Swedish company IKEA.
Top 11 Furniture is located in the four-storey building area of ​​10 thousand square meters. The design of the store used proprietary color scheme IKEA - a combination of yellow and blue. In addition, about Swedish stores resemble small pencils that give visitors, navigation system inside the store, and the organization of space - interior objects are grouped in the form of finished rooms.
Characteristically, the fake store IKEA - not the first such case. Earlier in the city of Kunming was spotted network of electronics stores, whose design was copied from the US Apple Store - branded retail stores from Apple. In late July, two of the five stores (by the way, all products sold genuine Apple) have been closed.


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