Guess who is this woman?

It Madame is very well-known personality, all her know.
Try to guess who it is?

This "Alenka» :)

In the early 60s the government adopted a food program, which among other things has been given the attention and the creation of a new milk chocolate. Many Moscow factory began conducting tests, among them the "Red October».

When the chocolate recipe was chosen thinking of the name and oformleniem.Togda factory management decided to announce the competition for the photo of the girl, which could be used for packaging. Photos were sent a lot.

Among them was a picture of Alexander Gerinasa. Between 1957 and 1960 the photographer took the little girl in a bandanna (according to one version - his daughter Elena). This image and chose to design labels.

In 2000, Elena Gerinas filed a lawsuit demanding compensation for the use of his foto.Ponyatno that the representative of the defendant with a claim not accepted. The version of the photo contest once rejected, and the author of the image on the cover of the artist named N.Maslova. A girl on the cover itself - a collective way.

What differences exist in the label of "prototype, a photograph?" The main thing - the color of the eyes. In the picture, the girl brown eyes, blue on the label. Shape eyebrows figure little changed labels. Face slightly lengthened. Slightly modified the mouth, upper lip discharged larger. The same strand of hair visible from under the scarf. Yes, and the scarf in the picture, and the same label tied. And look directed slightly up, the same.

By the way, during his long life wrapping chocolates undergone many changes. Label artists twisted this way and that: Alenka was a "proletarian" carnations, Alenka-Maiden. Then her braided pigtails and went for a walk on the streets of Moscow. Depending on the time, she was wearing a coat, jacket or dress. In 1999 he came up with another girl Kuzyu. But buyers freckled little boy did not like. In general, only a kerchief Alenka proved tenacious.



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