In the village in crowded wake signature muzhichek (to show off in front of the girls and show themselves literate) began to stick to the priest with the "revealing" questions. He tried not to pay attention to the fool, but after the statement: "God does not, so what are you people durite head?" The father flashed eyes, turned to an atheist and self-taught bass asked:
 - "My son, and where do you work?»
 - "On a dairy farm!" He replied
 - "And tell me why bull shits hard and cow - liquid?»
 - "Otkedova I know?" -stushevalsya Atheist All fell silent in anticipation of the spectacular denouement. The priest did not disappoint expectations and a booming voice spoke:
 - "And if even then does not understand, so that, as you climb into the religion ?!»
Scrapped muzhichek quietly faded from the table, but the nickname "expert»
clung to him forever ...


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