The medicine against arrogance

An officer from the Office of the fight against illicit drugs came to the farm, "I must carry out an inspection for the cultivation of illicit drugs».
Head of the farm said: "No problem, but do not go to the field ...»,
Officer straight exploded: "Mister, with me the power of the Federal government!". Haughty an officer reached into his back pocket, pulled out his badge and shoved him in the head face. «You see this fuckin 'badge!? This icon means that I can go where I please ... on any ground! Without any questions or reports !!! I did express myself? Do you understand!? ».
He nodded politely, apologized, and went about his business. A few minutes later, he heard loud screams, I looked up and saw an officer from the Office running on the field Aki sprinter on the track. And catching up on his huge, old, unfriendly bychara ... With every step the bull catching up on the officer, and it seemed the time to get hardly a safe place until it is gored. The officer was pure horror.
Head of the farm slowly approached the zagrozhdeniyu and loudly shouted with all his might lungs:
"Your badge! Show him your badge!


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