Professions of the future in the social sphere

New technologies in computer science, faster modes of transportation, and even the rapid development of medicine and space - in fact have a positive impact only a small fraction of the life of the common man. After all, people - being primarily social, and it marked the sociological changes, or vice versa shocks - have the greatest impact on human existence. In simpler terms, then surely all of you agree with this straightforward statement that the cancellation of the queue in a social security across the country would give the common people a lot more happiness than selling new party google-points.


But at the same time, social services are often still very conservative and resistant to all kinds of innovations and improvements. In this same article will try to discuss with you a few jobs of the future, the need for which has ripened in our society today, if not already "yesterday».

You can often hear complaints of various figures and philosophers that true democracy (rule by the people) begins only where the power becomes a true servant of the people in this and is ready to fulfill all the requirements and collective applications, give feedback, publicly report the results and constantly be threatened at any moment to be dismissed in case of insufficient competence, according to the majority of citizens. How many of you in the company of friends or just at home in the kitchen did not dream about something like that? But it seems as though the days of ancient Greece have sunk irretrievably into the past.


Of course, then it is easier to gather all people in a single area and quickly discuss urgent solutions, and what to do when the population exceeds 100 million people? And here only recently widespread Internet penetration and exit communication between people to a new level once again allows us all to go back to the origins of classical democracy. Let's imagine an ideal situation, when each of us could host a few dozen proposals for universal suffrage:

- Construction of a kindergarten in a vacant lot,
- The demolition of garages for the new stadium,
- Replacement of the monument of St. Vladimir - the monument to AS Makarenko, etc.


Of course first of various proposals, opinions, just pointless criticism is very much, because each of us is convinced that it was his problem - the most important and urgent of all, because the state budget is not limitless. So urgently needed is a profession Specialist crowdsourcing social problems Moreover, the most successful collect up to vote the proposal to send them to the relevant authorities - is only the first third of the cases. The most important thing - to collect weekly progress reports and report these results to all who voted for the proposal. Also, after each week to collect from the citizens' general decision on whether to extend the authority responsible for the execution of the project for another week or should change it to a new, more effective manager. Such primordial democratic principles similar to the principles of our ancestors sung folk Veche - could quickly and efficiently solve dozens and hundreds of social problems, hoarding in our society today, without any hope for a speedy resolution.


However, perhaps even a passive model of dispute signatures "likes" or plus sign is not enough to stir up the fully all the swamp of accumulated social problems. View the responsible executor in person, ask direct questions, listen to comments on its proposals online - also in high demand among the masses the idea. Once again, the Internet and its possibilities of instant communication and video conferencing and direct dialogue between the most remote corners of our vast country - can help realize this vision. Here, take another true professional in their field, to organize the chaos of controversy and criticism in a constructive and forward direction. It will be Moderator platform to communicate with government agencies A specialist who organizes the online dialogue between activists and public officials responsible for specific areas (for example, legislation, education, housing, construction, pensions, etc..) To develop joint solutions. This specialist can work both within government agencies and the public to be an activist (of public diplomacy). One of its specialties is the organization will interact with professional societies for advice and expert analysts on technical possibilities and the realization of people's assessment of the budgetary proposals. It will be a very difficult job, because in addition to the skills of working with people of such a moderator will need to have knowledge of several languages ​​and cultural differences of different sectors of society. But despite the apparent complexity, the effect on the activity of the moderators can be hundreds of times higher than that of the State Duma in its present composition.

With the development of global transport network - the boundaries are becoming closer. Other nations and peoples, with opposite values ​​and customs that were previously unattainable in thousands of miles away from all of us today find themselves in a clockwise flight availability conventional passenger aircraft. Society as a whole is becoming more cosmopolitan and culture are mixed and transformed. Not always it happens peacefully, as the world was still enough people to other people's aggressive values ​​and beliefs just because they are different. And here now is extremely necessary specialist adaptation of migrants , which will help a variety of nationalities and cultures painlessly integrate into new communities and societies.


Here let us look at the state as a large corporation. Suppose within the corporation internal decree ordered all drink only coffee. However, once on the job comes a new specialist who is drinking only tea, coffee and hates. How to be in such a situation?

To lose such a professional and dedicated it to bungle the task? Then quickly hire another? Analyze how he clings to the beginner and ready to give in their tastes, pouring a coffee in the morning through force, but a common cause? To these questions there is no single answer, and the general recipe in each case should be treated thousands of features and components that are not obvious to the head without any special psychological education, conflict resolution skills, knowledge of several languages. But on the successful interaction of a team depends on not only the performance of novice, but also all members of the old close-knit team, inside which can also happen a split or open protest in the redistribution of responsibility (for example, in the case of the distribution of tasks to fire an employee equally to all departments).


Charity - is another important component of a healthy social society. Skills need of mutual help and support in difficult times created by nature as a great help for the survival of the species as a whole. Today, however, many people in their natural needs of their neighbors stop information about the existence of entire criminal syndicates, on the ill-gotten gains on alms and so on. Simply put, today and kindness could anyone not regulated at the federal level, as if it does not exist in the country. Of course, in this situation urgently needs a clear and universal project in which special Moderators charitable platforms root out fraud and to establish a clear and visible over the process of redistribution of funds and to establish a continuous connection between the needy and those who happily ready to help. Instead, several hundred obscure funds with vague schemes and cash flow - a single federal online system in which for every donated ruble can be confirmed by the final recipient. Such a concept would have helped society at large and in particular individual. The most vulnerable members today.


And here we come to the next social problem: any donations, the largest amount - do not treat themselves. We need technology, doctors, medicines, special classes, love and support of loved ones. Often, people with disabilities, even after receiving a large sum - do not have physical abilities and practical knowledge about what to do next. There must be close to a sensitive and attentive professional: social worker adaptation of people It will be a specialist who integrates people with disabilities into normal life, and it is preparing to undergo the necessary treatment, or teaching skills to work remotely, helping them to choose the professional field, to organize the workflow and process leisure. This may be the selection of clinics and health centers, online communities and platforms for communication, educational courses and much more.
And it is much healthier and bring up our society as a whole.


It should be noted that unfortunately, the only adaptation of disabled people is not enough for the prosperity of society. Unfortunately, no matter how happy the future is not pictured in this article, we must recognize that social conflicts are not going anywhere. This can be a misunderstanding on ethnic and gender-based violence and conflicts provoked by differences in material status or level of education available. How would you and I do not want to, but for a very long time, the society needs to be a separate and high specialist to resolve social conflicts , an intermediary, and based on the analysis of various data, finding the best compromise. The main requirement - a non-violent way to solve for any conflicts that arise, and even better - a preventive response to potential, which could become contentious in the future. Judge for yourself: the same religious and cultural strife with so many of the population of the planet is so fraught with disastrous consequences that these mediators begin to prepare an urgent need to massively and in all universities of the country.


But the most interesting of all, and most perspective profession in the social sphere of the immediate and expected future I see the professional help to transfer government functions in the social sphere. For example, the cleaning of rooms and territories, water and heat supply, energy conservation, recycling of municipal solid waste, repair of buildings and communications, municipal transport, kindergartens - all this will gradually pass on the responsibility of social entrepreneurs who organize these functions in the form of public-private partnership. It will be specialist organization of public-private partnerships in the social sector , which will help citizens to take more responsibility for the quality of life in the country (cities, districts, house) and more actively to improve life around. It will be a huge step in growing up the whole of society as a whole, because such a step would mean a significant increase in confidence in the other and access to partnerships.

Pride of the embodiment of this concept is comparable to the pride of a mother who for several years did not admit even a small daughter to the plate, and now the child has grown and been able to prepare their own delicious dinner their tired parents returning to work. Just imagine this rosy picture, when for repair and improvement of the entrance of the playground has a collective responsibility each of us, when it is not abstract governor or president will ever blame for the fact that you threw out the trash container or stroll past Saturday to build a new school for children .


Of course, all these fantasies yet seem almost unrealizable, highly unlikely and too optimistic. Article only want to draw your attention to the fact that the technology itself ready that physically can realize all these ideas have now. Internet is ready to make our society more mature and responsible for their own lives, actively helping people to solve their own problems and to organize the most passionate leaders of society. Your computer, laptop or mobile phone can now become your new democratic instrument, an instrument for the solution of all social problems.

And if a person is willing? Is the our psychology to let you all these professionals in your life and even more so - to become one of them?



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