How to start a home? Or hike to the exhibition of toys during the Soviet period

Author: Day as a day, but for some reason you are sad ... remember? ..
He'd have walked if I had not been invited to the opening of an exhibition of toys period of the Soviet Union. Visiting this event produced ambiguous, we can say mixed feelings ... The exhibits presented at the exhibition, to stir in my memory for a long time clogged in its farthest corner of memories, impressions, feelings ... These things were part of our childhood, the elements of our time, about which we can say almost forgotten . Considering these things can confidently say that each of them is, in itself, was filled with enormous energy, the desire of owning this thing is endowed with special meaning and a special value to the owner. Toys are played now my son, even high-tech, but much spiritless, "plastic", after ten years, he hardly remembers them ... These are wonderful shapes could be seen near the site of the exhibition. Art gallery "Storage".


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