Sets of vampire hunters

This set of tools to deal with vampires was sold recently at auction in the American town of Natchez (Mississippi). And it's not a modern stuff of Hollywood studios, and an authentic product made around 1800.

Set to fight vampires was sold at the sale of items from the estate of a Jimmy Pippen (Jimmy Pippen). Unknown buyer paid for a box of these artifacts of $ 14 850. Responsibility for the tendering took over the auction company Stevens.

It seems that in the beginning of the XIX century the Mississippi vampires problem was acute. Thoroughness equipment is respected.

Attributes Anti-vampire set - Gospel aspen cola-crucifix, wooden hammers for their driving, syringes for intravenous administration, crucifixes, mirrors, candles, guns with silver bullets, silver daggers and forceps to remove the tusks. As well as bottles and pills of opium, garlic, sulfur, silver nitrate, sacred ground.

Also sets disguised as a book.


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