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Netherlands - land of fun and friendly, and somewhere crazy. By becoming the country and its capital, Amsterdam. Its architecture and monuments are quite capable to shake strong mentality)).
Well, for example, where else could erect a monument to the representative of the oldest profession, if not here? Creative team, so to speak, all-female - the initiator and the customer - Mariska Meyer, are familiar with this profession, founded the Center for information on the craft. Sculptor - Els Reiersen. Set this beauty in the Red Light District. Composition called "Belle"
Unfortunately, due to ongoing policy by Google, And this picture has been removed from our site, but the rest were considered to be quite politically correct
"Running man with a violin." This sculpture with its own history. She mysteriously disappeared several times to reappear in other colors. The author wished to remain anonymous.

Generally - modesty Amsterdam sculptors can only wonder. There are some very interesting works by authors who do not manifest themselves zhelyut public. For example, full of symbolism sculpture in the lobby of the Musical Theatre

Or monument saying, "Do not drink the branch on which you sit," perched on a branch of a huge tree

Of course, not without a monument players

Belgian Jan Fabre based on "Utopia" Thomas More has created a sculpture of "In Search of Utopia"


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