Exploration of the 200th Motorized Brigade

Today we have a motorized infantry of the 200th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Western Military District. Information will be in two parts. Let's start with the scouts, and will continue mashinodromom engineering and a company of NBC.

The task of the scouts that day was difficult: to remove an enemy sentry, situated on a mountain ledge (or on one of the floors of a collapsed building) and to capture important documents destroyed a small convoy of the enemy. The first task was to perform on the parachute tower. The 200 Brigade has its own reconnaissance battalion, where soldiers are trained, including dropping parachute. Trained on the rig itself, and make fighting jumping from the helicopter Mi-8.

This time the parachute tower became an imitator of mountains or buildings. The objective of the reconnaissance was silent destruction of time, is located below the scouts. The role of time served mannequin looming on one of the sites of the tower. Group climbing equipment, in camouflage with a gun and quickly but gently down to the desired height, turned upside down and took hold of the knife. All has been successfully eradicated.


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