Money rules advertising

Money - it is a unique eye-stopper, which immediately captures the attention of the consumer. The use of such self-serving "eye-catcher" in the outdoor and guerrilla advertising is a lot of room for creativity in advertising a variety of product categories, ranging from charitable giving and ending with the magazine for car enthusiasts.

1. donation box Chinese agency Mccann HeaithCare invented the donation box that turns each coin in a drop of water flowing into the mouth need. The campaign calls sacrifice for the construction of canals and reservoirs in arid areas of western China.

2. box for donations to the Fund of assistance to Sri Lanka after the devastating tsunami in 2004 56,829,152

3. The more coins to throw in the donation box Unicef, the closer to the water boy. The agency TBWA \ Singapore.

4. The Agency has come up Try Oslo for charity Salvation Army promotional piggy bank. On the bus were placed posters with the image of homeless people lying and sitting right on the pavement. The protective glass was made for the opening coin tossing people who lined the makeshift bed and a roof for the homeless. Thus the NGO "Salvation Army" provided a unique opportunity for everyone to simply and easily make a donation and show what the money will go: on a bed and a roof over the heads of people who need them. The inscription on the print: A small coin can make a big difference.

5. 39,822,606

6. 82,307,279

7. 30,144,850

8. According to the publication "Credit Kazan", the same way Save the Children in disadvantaged countries offered to passers-by to build a house for a homeless child with the help of the coin is lowered in a specially designed box for donations. Creative developed Taxi, Toronto.

9. The money for the children's vaccine was collected in a makeshift syringe division which shows how many injections can be done already donated money.



12. The agency DDB BRASIL presented an interesting solution in outdoor advertising as part of the case for the WWF, aimed at collecting donations for the animals. In cinemas, gyms and reception of large companies were established magnetic posters. People making donations, thereby creating a mosaic in the form of an animal, which will be used to support money. Taglines: Make your donation and you will see who you are helping.



15. Money as an advertising medium Volkswagen using stamps on real banknotes of 20, 50, 100 euros to promote the benefits of their new vehicles with fuel-efficient engine BlueMotion. On banknotes of various denominations contains information on how far way enough fuel purchased for an amount equal dignity of bills. For example, in the 50 euro bill specified that this amount can buy enough fuel for a distance of 980 km.




19. The agency Scholz & Friends advertise cheap roaming tariff Vodafone in Europe banknotes. An unusual advertising medium became Euro banknotes that are glued special stickers, which can be easily removed without damaging the bill.

20. Branded money were put into circulation in the stores, service centers, airports and taxis, that is, in places of the greatest congestion of tourists. Thus, guerrilla advertising reached its target audience, climbed to where previously none dared not advertising - in the wallet.


22. Agency BASSAT OGILVY BARCELONA scattered to the public organization UNITED HANDS counterfeit money in the streets, on the back of which was written "For the wealth of a few hides the poverty of the majority."

23. There are examples of the use of money as an advertising medium in Russia. So Ural Bank in 2009 scattered the fake money as an advertisement. How to force a person to take a flyer with information about the credits? And to make sure that he did not throw it, and hid it in his pocket? The bank "Ural FD" chose to use flyers to design a 500-ruble notes for the promotion of lending services.


25. As part of the campaign, "money", not only to scatter, but also issued together with the delivery in cinemas.


27. The Berlin agency Jung von Matt advertising bank posted SPARKASSE coins at the bottom of the fountain. Text: "Desire? There are more reliable way to invest your money. "


29. Distribution of elephants with billboard Chevrolet Aveo passers scored himself 20 000 coins. 20-foot billboard with application of 20,000 pennies was hung on one of the walls of New Oxford Street. Placed at the height of human growth, and without a hint of the protection of installation odnopensovyh coins immediately attracted attention. At first timidly passers otkolupyvali one coin, and then went into a rage and some just plain began to fill his pockets. Londoners took only half an hour to otkolupnut and carry all odnopensovyh 20 thousand coins.

30. Record inflation in Zimbabwe, cheap money is a million times, allowed the use of money as a plain paper for posters in the campaign edition of The Zimbabwean Newspaper. The Government's economic policy of the country has made such a huge amount like 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollar virtually our counterparts cents. That money was pasted on billboards opposition newspaper Zimbabwean Newspaper, published expelled from their homeland Zimbabwean zhurnalistami.Kreativ developed agency TBWA \\ Hunt \\ Lascaris (South Africa, Cape Town). Taglines: Due to Mugabe, the money turned into wallpaper (Thanks to Mugabe this money is wallpaper). The campaign was awarded the Grand Prix Cannes Lions 2009 in the category Outdoor.

31. If you do not know about the inflation in Zimbabwe, that such advertising would be useful to provide a cash loan without income.





36. Bulletproof glass, leg does not break the protective glass 3M retains the money any more reliable safe.

37. The French car magazine L'ARGUS posted in the streets of Paris red car stuffed to overflowing with money (video which you can see in advertising on the First Channel). Unusual ambient symbolized problem many car owners who have all the money spent on repairs and maintenance of the machine. On the roof of the vehicle was written by the following text: Do not spend all your money on the car. Before you do anything, read L'ARGUS.


39. In advertising the super-adhesive tapes Tesa creators of BBDO Denmark is not afraid to stick with its help to the billboards real money.


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