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What is the sound of peals across Bologna? This enraged bellowing (or squealing) next breeding "bull" from Lamborghini. The car, called the Reventón, will be released in the amount of 20 pieces. Each will cost no less a million euros. If these figures seem unimpressive to you, then take a look at the exterior of the supercar, which today will present in Frankfurt. There will be questions?

Perhaps the Italian car has never been so edgy. And so beautiful. Why are only the "eyes" LED and the "nose" of news, flanked by giant air intakes. And look - of the nostrils is about Povalii pairs. However, the need to wait for the smoke behind - from the huge octagonal tube. Sound familiar? Do not be surprised - the main technical stuffing was borrowed from the magnificent Murciélago LP640, on the basis of which it was built and Reventón. 6, 5-liter V12, apparently for decency, boosted to 650 horsepower. Torque remains the same - 660 Nm, as well as 3, 4 seconds up to a hundred, and the maximum speed at around 340 km / h.

Wheel drive system, transmission e-gear and a full carbon body - all this is familiar. But do not think that will have to pay only for the spectacular appearance. As a result of careful work of engineers have improved the engine cooling system, the system of active air intakes, brakes and, of course, aerodynamics. Yes, you read that right, the original shape of the body and a modified rear spoiler is needed for this. The unique multi-layer glass will emphasize the car bonnet, as well as the aluminum hatch.

Saloon car also remind Murciélago. It made a couple of strokes, which greatly refreshes the interior. To make the driver feel like a modern ultrasound fighter, supercar equipped with a huge TFT-monitor as if just taken from the cockpit. Alcantara, aluminum and carbon fiber inserts and unusual coloring new items will drop to the ground - you're still in the car, not on the plane. However, if this Reventón, you are unlikely to disappoint.

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