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The author tells how in their yard every month brought a large container, which pulls people of all unnecessary things. At this time, it begins to present a pilgrimage. Swedes release their basements and apartments from which they become unnecessary things, while others are dragging something vending home. What I'm doing :) periodically. When we lived in another area of ​​the container instead of all the junk tenants were demolished in a special room in the basement, miljöstuga of Swedish. I remember I once found a huge projection TV on wheels, and drove him home. As soon as I turned it on, it immediately began to smoke, had to drag him back. Returning from the store later, I saw that a couple of blacks with mats roll the same telly back to the basement. I think they were not fans of the latest freebies :). Brotherhood immigrants and part of its competitors, I already know by heart, after the importation of container need to be alert :). Yesterday, three Poles, men 50 years of working at a construction site, almost burst with anger at the sight of me, carrying off the charger for the car.

These containers are then transported to a special place, where things are sorted out, and many of them appear on the shelves of second-hand or loppis. Swedes pack rat terrible, they just love these stores themselves for periodic sales of its own; very often at home or on the street at the entrance. Today just is not far from us like loppis, if you have time, I'll go take a picture. Let's start :). My today's catch the next

Every Swede who lives in the apartment, there is a special compartment in the basement, storage type. There they store all seasonally unnecessary utensils or simply that it is a pity to throw away.



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