No tram will tour again and the lady behind the wheel

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"Today, the dining at home, witnessed a road accident, but more on that later.

The main theme psto.

Why, when the girl behind the wheel, then heard the phrase filled with pride, independence and bloated egos?
 - I'm driving, do not specify what to do;
 - As I want, and food;
 - On the other I do not know, do not raise your voice at me;
 - No trams will go round;
 - I am a driver, I have the same rights, it must give way to me;
 - I'm a weak woman, I have to be respected.
and so on, all the familiar words that she makes it clear that she nevebny super driver, independent, smart and chotko as my pipets.

And when there is some kind of freelance (Head Girl) situation, but common driver - such as a small accident, the woman ceases to be independent of the driver, which should be treated with respect and urgently vyzvanivaet not traffic police and her husband, a friend, Papic, etc. .P. To that I arrived and decided a standard situation for the driver (whom she considers herself)?

Baloo home dinner, I accidentally looked out the window and witnessed such a situation here.

Yard have one exit, others do not. Departure is through wrought iron gates. And sometimes happens on the road here is the situation. Girl on mOtize Achtung-created situation, having driven in the VAZ-2107, badly wiped the paint from his bumper (there was no other damage, because there on the strength of the speed of 4 km / h).


And it became vyzvanivat not brave the traffic police, and ... well, her boyfriend. That's actually him on the Astra sedan.

To show their chotkost, boyfriend leaves her car in the middle of the road, creating a traffic jam on a very narrow street, so (in theory the driver of VAZ has then had to take the blame).


There is examination of the corpse brutally murdered motiza. Boyfriend probably explains on how many new Asters hit the driver of VAZ.


However, the driver of VAZ was impregnable ... decided to call the traffic police. Once the decision was made, boyfriend interchanges aster from the middle of the carriageway at its outskirts.

She faithfully follows her boyfriend everywhere. She is an independent driver.



And then it was boring, the valiant traffic police arrived and dispersed the onlookers.



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