Golden wheat ears of corn (32 photos)

Very nice photo, and somehow emanates from them something nostalgic, Soviet. All probably remember the pictures in the textbooks (hmm, perhaps even in the primer) where bright red combines clean yellow golden bread. And he pours golden river in the back of the 130th Zielke-truck. And the signature at the bottom of any patriotic.
Here And this collection of something like this and recalls. Only appliances already bourgeois and the tricolor flag. that basically adds a modern coloring.
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Author photos drove the Belgorod region, and looked like harvest. On the recommendation of the regional administration in the village stop was great. The main wealth of the settlement - fertile black earth soil, one of the best black soil in the world. The economy of the village is a subsidiary of the State Unitary Enterprise "Grain Belogoriya", in the ownership or lease the use of which is 3186 hectares of arable land.
Harvesting - the most spectacular part of the photo story. When the wheat field "matures," have twenty days to ensure that harvest. If the agricultural complex has a grain dryer, the term of the assembly can be stretched for thirty days due to the early start collecting.
1) Since a lot of fields and the amount of equipment is limited, the task of the harvest in the time it becomes difficult.

2) The change of one processor runs about 60 hectares (6² km), and depending on the crop it is 130-160 tons of grain.

3) Usually, in the same field of labor is not one, but several combines. It's easier to maintain equipment and export crops.

4) For the month of combiner receives 30-50 thousand rubles, the salary depends on the amount of harvested grain. To manage harvester need special rights, so behind the wheel drunk sit prohibited. Most of the company's employees live in nearby villages and get to work only on private vehicles, so in the fight against alcoholism is better than any persuasion to help the inspectors DPS, still fills up right at the entrance to the work.

5) Work combiner is quite heavy, almost daily need to manage huge combine. For the rest there are small breaks during unloading and eating. The biggest drawback of this work is that it is seasonal.

6) The average speed of the combine - 3, 5-5 km / h. During our visit to discover the "pilot" who fuck with a speed of 7 km / h, significantly reducing the efficiency. As a result, the driver was fined and stripped of the award (a third of the monthly income).

7) The agricultural complex contain cattle, and because of this there is no need to make hay. Combine evenly and thoroughly crushes straw and spreads it on the field, it will serve as an additional fertilizer for the next planting.

8) We are very fortunate that we got to harvest wheat rather than barley. Those who know that this assembly barley understand us.

9) All equipment other than UAZ equipped with air conditioning.

10) Otherwise, in 35 ° heat an entire shift does not work out.

11) remaining after cutting the stalks like small tubes through which moisture evaporates from the ground and the field dries.

12) When a huge grain tank of 10,500 liters to combine almost full, the combiner includes a beacon (flashing light).

13) Top grain unloading minimizes downtime combine.

14) At the signal immediately sent to one of the Belarusian Freytlaynerov semitrailer SAD 40 119 tons of grain.

15) Ten minutes harvester completely empties its hopper.

16) If all of a sudden it starts to rain, the grain will hide waterproof tarps, which is now collapsed.

17) Combine empties hopper

18) A short break and again to work.

19) Full Freytlayner selected from the field and sent to the base to unload. In our case, on the work of five harvesters and four of the truck.

20) completes the cleaning of the site and the latest processors are sent to another field.

21) A wheat ear.

22) Combine work out the change from seven in the morning until midnight, and if the humidity is not high and long dew falls, the processors can operate up to two o'clock in the morning.

23) Night and the workers work.

24) In the agricultural complex is now ten such combines, each of which cost 11 million rubles.

25) The power of its engine - 385 hp

26) silos of grain and splits the cabin glass partition, the driver can watch as is the filling.

27) Night unloading is no different from daytime.

28) Powerful lights combine perfectly illuminate all around.

29) In the cockpit Freytlaynera.

30) So the work in the field looks the part at the three-minute excerpt

31) combines slow and heavy machinery sleeps right on the field under the supervision of the guards.

32) On the morning of the new shift arrives, cleans and lubricates the machine and back to work. All.
Source: Living History / chistoprudov



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