Theater "Behind Bars"

Zhenya - thirty seven, looks at sixty. The term had a small, family showdown, someone broke the Eugene and was sentenced. It is Gorky's character from "The Lower Depths." He says he loves Chekhov and Saltykov-Shchedrin ...

Well-known blogger drugoi visited the rehearsals and performances of the prison theater.

Novel "Butterfly" in the play the second play, behind Babel. The protagonist really wants to meet with God, to talk to. God comes to visit him three times, and three times did not recognize him. The play is a funny, grotesque, the audience laugh a lot. There is only one moment in the hall hangs a ringing silence. The hero is sitting on the bench, and behind him, limping, fits the old beggar in rags, with a stick in his hand and asks for something to eat. It is God who is the hero again know. Eugene says so is his "rodnenky not there whether you have something to eat ..." that breath catches.

Dower then say that the first time he was so easy to work in prison, it was his best actor for the director's entire career. They listened to him like his own father, fulfill all its requirements carefully, and some, it seems, are now ready for the professional scene.

Director Kirill Serebrennikov met with Alex Dower in London, in a conversation he learned that his British colleague particular specialization - it works in prisons. On account of Alex put about fifty performances with the participation of the prisoners. Kirill immediately had the idea to put a show for us.

Theatre festival "Territory" this year takes place in Perm, so we decided to look for a suitable colony in those places. Omit details of converting ideas into a finished project, but by mid-summer GUFSIN gave the green light, helped the administration of the President and the Governor of Perm. Advised and local human rights activists, who are engaged in the colonies in the Perm region. Those advised IK №29. Thence authorities, realizing that he should do, hit on the idea and said "everything is not anywhere else, please, do everything, we will help." Kirill then he walked on the colony and agitated prisoners to take part in a theatrical production. At first it looked like a madman. Nobody believed - British director will be able to deliver a performance in a Russian prison for two weeks? Tales ...

For orders sent news: the club will put on plays, wishing to participate are required. Sideltsy initially doubted, but then the people went to the casting and the work began.

We decided to make a play in three parts: a performance of the story of Isaac Babel's "My First Goose", plays Albert Satrutdinova (one of the convicts in IK №29) «Butterfly" and Chekhov's "Burbot". Scenography engaged art director Vsevolod Averkiev. Parallel Serebrennikov started shooting a documentary about the project, and press photographer Sergey Ponomarev AP chronicle led work on the show.

Together with amateur actors in the play was invited to TV presenter Tatyana Arno. She played the role of women in the "butterfly" and read the text of the scene in the stage adaptation of "Burbot".

The "butterfly" girl asks for help from the main character, but he refuses, again not realizing that God appeared to him now in this guise. On the last play, when the hall was only convicted refusal was met with whistles and laughter - convicts do not understand how you can opt to go with a girl like Tanya Arno.

Before the performance:


It was very interesting to see the director's kitchen. By the time I arrived, Alex already knew all the kids by name and had a feeling that he is not just putting a theatrical production, and works with them as a psychologist, heals their souls by their attitude to him, his stunning intelligence in communication skills resolve difficult situations with humor and tactfully. The men did not immediately realize his attitude toward them, but when understood, accepted Dower of authority and obey him unquestioningly.





The author of "Butterflies" Albert Satrutdinov carries a goose, who is taking part in the formulation of Babel. The "butterfly" Albert too busy rolling around on the stage of the pram, briefly commenting on the action of the play.

Albert came back from Goa, Sheremetyevo in his backpack found forgot ball hashish. Got three years, half had already served.

Tanya Arno men walked on his heels. This is Michael, a musician play, takes her autograph. Tanya - well, time to take a picture of all the guys on your iPhone, the next day came with a bundle of photographs, two hours sat sign them.

Chekhov "Burbot" completed the setting. The group rehearsed the most, even at the detachment, to "lokalke." It turned out great.

Before the play - hour and a half. Actors lunch. On the table is someone radiopetlichka.


The last conversation before the show. Soon, viewers will come "from outside".

In the hall the actors go one by one, as usual with his hands behind his back. They are translated at the cards, the more they will not leave the stage, will be in the dressing room before and after the presentation.

The sitting room is empty Kirill Serebrennikov.

Last Run "Butterflies". Nikolai dream talking to God, who promises to come to him the next day.

The room was about the most sophisticated and picky audience - students of theater schools and universities.

There is no need to ask the audience to switch off mobile phones. They simply do not have - the entrance to the area with mobile prohibited.

The director took his seat in the first row and the action began.

The episode of "Red Cavalry" Babel. The squad comes bespectacled student, he was greeted coldly.

The actor who plays the student, the period of ten years.

And it is only later, after the curtain. Cries of "bravo", ten minutes of applause, emotions over the edge.

No such a violent reaction of spectators, of course, did not expect. When it became public is slowly moving toward the exit, Michael could not resist, played on his keyboard and sang a song about a chieftain. The audience stopped, began to clap. Actors on stage burst and they earnestly began to dance there, throwing caper impossible.

Then TV reporters began to interview the director, the actors. Guys called one of the dressing room and put in front of cameras. Rest of the crowd at the door, listening intensely to what is happening at the scene - well, whatever that say about us?

When all the "free" are gone, the actors fired into the courtyard. They have dressed the same and become unrecognizable in his uniform, nervously smoked one cigarette after another. The next day one of them will say to Alex, he for the first time in several years in the area wanted to chance, to leave with the audience, it was impossible to go back in the squad.

We left the area last. Actors were behind closed doors, accompanied us silently.

P.S. And a couple of words necessary here.

I know they're not angels, they have transgressed the law, and are punished.

But there is one very important thing - the public, we are with you, it is important that they, when they had served their own, did not return here.

This theater, this work with them - a chance for all of us. The chance that these people came out to freedom, change, will not break in the brutal prison conditions, will be different.

Think about it.



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