Inedible cake with his hands

Recently I came across on the Internet at such a cake - liked the idea! And here and the reason turned up, my mother's birthday. "This is not just a coincidence," - I thought. And I decided that with a gift my mother I really pinpoint. Now I want to tell you about the manufacturing process of this cake.

For this we need: Pattern piece of cake, a few sheets of thick colored paper, double-sided tape or glue, scissors, a ruler, a large needle, all sorts of ribbons and beads to decorate our cake, printed comments and labels for boxes, the box itself and the content pieces of cake - here is one that will put.

First, draw out a pattern on colored paper. I did it big needle, because it leaves no trace, like a pencil.

Then, the line is drawn with a needle fold line

Cut. Depending on the pattern change and the number of pieces. In my case, they 8. That's what we get as a result. Merge ready boxes and decorate as your imagination tells you.

For each produce boxes filled with the corresponding wish. There is a bag with hearts and colored pencils.

There dice and tiny knitted sweater.

Here, candy and a bag of coffee beans.

Here money on wish fulfillment and a children's dummy.

Adds the contents in the box, close it and put the box. I'm still tied the entire cake tape because without it looked not finished.

We make the cover-printed labels, close the box - the cake is ready. My mother was delighted with the gift! It's

There Pattern cake of 12 slices. For myself, I drew on paper, using the template and increasing the sector angle of 45 degrees.



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