December 31 - instead of baths swans

December 31 I went to give gifts, swans and ducks.

And so it all began. On the Internet, learned that the reservoir near Minsk remained over winter hundreds of swans and ducks, and winter was harsh, birds can actually die from hunger.
There was also a call to Minsk people feed the birds and directions.

In 14-00, I traveled on the way bought 5 loaves of bread.
First zaplutal, stalled in the forest, but then found a place on the map.

There really is a lot of birds, and the ice shuffle them clearly do not like.

I was greeted as a mother, and even a bit of a fight for bread.

That's how

Then swans surrounded me on all sides, and the bird is high, one gray went back and tried all the time to grab a piece of bread when I was separated from the stick

And then drove a BMW, came two peasant. Well, I think, brought bread to the birds.
Og. They are quickly stripped - and swim.

Swans yelling and retired to bezopasku, with one clearly shook his head at the wing ...

In general, I have now a tradition - 31 December instead of a bath, I'll go feed the swans and zyrit both men swim in the icy water!



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