Off-road asphalt.

In 1997 he appeared Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML). It was a big, powerful and luxurious "jeep asphalt" - the permeability of the car did not reach the full-size SUVs. It can not compare with the Range Rover - «Englishman 'more and cross-country. Therefore, Mercedes initiated the formation of a new class - the so-called SUV (Sport Utility Vehicles).

In the year 2000 appeared BMW X5 - Bavarian answer to Mercedes Benz M-class. Outside turned extremely successful - and yet it was hard to imagine that such a body type so you can combine harmoniously with the style of BMW. Offers 3 Engine: 3-liter petrol and 4, 4 liter and 3-liter diesel engine. Last differed impressive torque of 500 nm, which provided such a modification is good demand. Transmissions offered as automatic (5 or 6 assists) and 6-speed manual. The car was equipped with all possible electronic systems. Suspension offered air, the body was bearing, reducing gear was missing. The assembly was made at a factory in South Carolina (USA) - the so-X5 has become closer to the consumer, because the primary market for luxury SUV - the United States. Americans like big cars with V8, the X5 is not ideal, rear sofa can comfortably accommodate only 2 people, the boot capacity is less than that collected in the same America Mercedes ML.

In the same year showed a concept Le Mans. It was the X5's V12 from Lehmann sports prototype, which once again proved: X5 - an expensive sports crossover, not a full-fledged SUV.


A year later there was a sports modification 4.6is, fitted with uprated by 58 hp M62 on model 4.4i. Externally, the novelty is aerodynamic. In the first generation model with a V8 equipped with straight pipe exhaust system for models with 6-cylinder engines were bent down.

In 2003, the restyled: the model 3.0i, 4.4i, 3.0d updated and 4.6is removed from production. A year later it was replaced by an even more powerful 4.8is the same M62, but now has reached the power of 360 hp

Then there were the smaller crossover and podostupnee - X3. It was not such a powerful and luxurious car like the X5. A choice of petrol engines in the 2, 5 and 3, 0 liter and 3-liter diesel engine.

The following year was marked by the emergence of two-liter petrol and diesel versions of the same power. These cars were the most accessible in the X-series.

In 2006 there was a restyling, in which the model 2.0d and 3.0d updated, 2.0i was removed from production, and the 2.5i and 3.0i replaced by, respectively, 2.5si and 3.0si. There was a more powerful version of 3.0sd. As an option, now offer a sport package, which include body-colored bumpers.

In 2007 it saw the light of the second generation BMW X5. For the sake of the American consumer was the seven-seater car. The interior space has increased, although the dimensions of the car have not changed much. The exterior design has become far less charismatic that many did not like. A choice of two petrol engines of 3 or 4 liters, 8 liters or 3-liter diesel engine capacity of 235 or 286hp Externally, the model with a V8 different form of exhaust pipes. For the 4.8i model is also offered sports package.

In 2008, BMW shows a very unusual car, a mixture of a coupe and SUV - X6. You can see the connection with the Mercedes-Benz R-class, but he looks more like a wagon-monocab and has a much greater range of engines, including a 4-cylinder, while the BMW X6 is equipped with only the row "Six" and the V8. Thus, BMW has invented a new class of vehicles.

A choice of either a 6-cylinder diesel or gasoline inline "six" or V8, equipped with two turbines. In order to show the uniqueness X6 in the model range of BMW, the model name is not in the rest of the X-series, and with the use of the name brand all-wheel drive system xDrive.

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