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Collecting scale models of cars - this is a special ritual during which a man takes the same treasured peace and harmony. It can also be called a hobby for the "elite". Because these models are not cheap, and not everyone can fully appreciate the beauty of this noble hobby.
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Basically, all of today's collectors have brought this hobby from childhood. Most of it was love at first sight. And all the little pocket money was spent on the "beloved." But then, with some gusto, they play for hours and fantasize as they sit at the wheel .... A real fairy tale from childhood.

The most common craving for collecting inherited. From grandfather to father, from father to son. And a kind of legacy. Rare models of cars over time increase ten times in value. And avid collectors, especially when buying expensive model, this self soothe.
This collector went home does not sit in front of the TV, and immediately rushes to his "toys." For the thousandth time, to take in hand every model. When a person has a hobby - it means that he lives!

Any collection of stars - is expensive minimalist model,
manufactured on a scale of 1: 200. These models Solid completely similar to their originals, only 200-fold less. Minus one from them - they did not open. But hard to break something or lose.

Immediately behind them are more democratic model on a scale of 1:60 to 1:87. In these models, you can open the doors, and sometimes hood and trunk.

Fans pomasterit teams prefer scale models which are assembled without glue and special tools.

But very popular low-cost model in 1:43 scale. Such a machine can easily fit in the palm, and does not take up much space. Here is what pootkryvali thanks to the size of that review. And what else is needed for modern man happiness? Glass mirrors and lights made in detail interior. And the engine - all fantastic! All carefully crafted and covered with chrome.

Take, for example, the most popular models - Gas-12 "Zim" (1:43). This is the real eternal value! The impressive size of the original and overt aristocratic, fascinating at first sight. And now you have a unique opportunity to become its owner.

Or sports cars - Bugatti (1:18), valued at $ 1 million. The fastest and most dynamic car. Close your eyes and feeling the cold light from the iron body, imagine yourself on the autobahn. Easy, euphoria .... It's worth it to enjoy it.

In the world of about 300 manufacturers of machines on a scale of 1:43 and the majority represented here. Model cars are astonishingly varied. Vintage, military, sports, trucks and cars. Many collectors also collect models of steam engines, buses, trams and even coaches. As they say, anyone that.

The legendary BMW 535 - a legend dashing 90s.

Both professionals and amateurs, it is very often faced with the problem of storage of their favorites. And with the increase in the collection - it's become almost a national problem. Well, what about the women's field, who watched in amazement as the service goes to grandma's pantry. And liberated cupboard shelves are placed solemnly machines.

Is it possible to give joy to put in a conspicuous place frontline famous lorry?

No matter what you collect: models of motorcycles, vintage domestic or foreign cars, off-road vehicles or aircraft. On our site we have collected everything you need for your hobby. A variety of models available in our store, will not leave you indifferent. We have created all this for collectors of all levels and thematic level. We are like-minded and have a common cause. It's so wonderful world of large-scale collection of models!



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