Bus stop in my area

Friends have long wanted to show you the bus stop in my area (writes blogger under the name morseanen). Noteworthy, it is this: the municipality, on the basis of exclusively the best of intentions, decided to give the surface of the glass under the works of our younger, always snotty fellow, only recently changed to rattle watercolor brush as a toy. Whether widely progandiruemaya German food with bio-additives, whether insidious plan have the diaper industry gave rise to such a discouraging result. From such "creativity" certainly stirred the hair on the ass at the necromancers from the famous Mayan and because they are accustomed to humans. I vobshchem scared for the future of the planet. Yes, judge for yourself:
19 ph

In the beginning more or less childish peaceful, sunny, bright:

Just a little confused IKEA impact on children's understanding of the living suschestvah.Takoy yourself safe "Gustav" as giraffes

Lovely popugayki

Then is tightly pressed into a chair, as though fucking will advance gradually but inexorably:

Elephants in the pasture. Just a little confused anus left the elephant, smiling beautiful blooming sunflowers.

Next tetraptih shows glistopodobnyh hunt foxes for some schmuck with ginger underdeveloped trunk.

Schmuck while pretending to be asleep, but goroshevidnaya trickle out from under the rear legs demonstrates the full range of experiences victim

on the type of worms, I would myself naprudil pants

Then it all seriously.

Worms devour schmuck with a trunk of the previous picture, predatory sneaks a pregnant penguin with a scarf

Brown exhibitionist miss bluebird of happiness

Kameronovsky stranger to the stage of hatching (God, save and protect!)

Gopnik, that bird of happiness shit on top of

Well, after a chromosomal creatures from the deepest hell, blyuyuschih human blood:

Covered filthy pimples dragon

The mustachioed pizdokryl two male phallus

Worms twin with a total gut

Another dragon

Bee Maya

And this is the most terrible of them - Mexican Tezcatlipoca



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