The funniest bus stop in the world

Tell me, who among you has not dreamed to sit down at a bus stop in a yellow sports car, driven by a beautiful blonde and go beyond the horizon, towards his destiny... or where you need to go. Dreams?

In fact, this is the real event, along with a dogsled, jugglers and other surprises that greeted passengers at the bus stop during the promotions of the company's mobile electronics Qualcomm.

The company placed ads at bus stops for curious passengers:
"In a hurry?", "Bored?" is specified on the advertising posters. "Using a mobile device can entertain you. Right now." Below the slogan was the address of the web site. And PR people have to wait...
When people went to the web site, the standard bus stop has become the most exciting in the world.

Public transport is a very important part of populous cities. And the more people will be motivated to use public transport instead of individual, the better this industry will continue to grow, increase mobility, decrease the amount of harmful emissions and, of course, the environmental situation has improved markedly.

I would like to celebrate the achievements of individual countries, such as Mexico, when Mexico city received the award for sustainable transport 2013, which for 2 years has done tremendous work to improve the transport system, implemented a program to encourage Cycling and the BRT system.

Let's hope that soon we will see the work of such talented PR people in advertising environmentally-helpful systems of movement.


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