How to determine the weather in the balls

Chicken named Rosie with a small British farm stumped experts weather forecasts. According to the patterns on her eggs can accurately understand what the next day - the sun or the snow.

According to the owner strange chicken Sasha Anderson, it all started back in August 2011, when Rosie laid two eggs in a row with a pattern in the form of sunlight. After that, two days in a row was very warm and sunny weather and the sun was shining as ever. Anderson also said that last week she again found a nest egg Rosie, which was completely covered with white speckles.

After this finding, the whole day was a fine lingering rain. The rest of the eggs carried Rosie usual, without patterns.

"I remember in August, she laid two eggs with a pattern of the sun and it was the hottest days in the past year. My children happily telling everyone that our chicken is able to predict the weather, "- said Anderson.

Themselves experts say chicken Rosie is very strange and noted that he had never seen anything like it. According to the expert, Charlotte Popescu, eggs are very dependent on the climate, so they can be lighter or darker.



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