The most common accidents

Let's look at the most common accidents, and be careful, because our life belongs not only to us, but people close to us.

1. Car Crashes, 43,200 fatalities a year

Well, what is there to say? Fly Aeroflot at least aviation accidents statistics is much more modest.

2. Accidental falls, 14 900 fatalities a year

Falling from heights, unshielded pits, dovlno rapostranennoe Events, nearly fifteen thousand people die from different falls.

3. poisoned, killed in the year 8600

Poisonings occur from both the erroneous use of poisonous liquids, and from quite edible products, which were stale and fungi that mistaken for edible.

4. Death by drowning, 4000 fatalities a year

The truth is simple, drowning those who know how to swim and children neumeyuschih people do not go deep into the water. Therefore, bathing in ponds and pools do not overestimate your strength, do not drink, do not supercool.

5. Death from burns and fire killed 3,700 year

Fire is a serious threat to human life, the products of combustion output hide from the man and entering the respiratory system causing suffocation. During a fire, you need to shut your mouth and nose with a damp cloth, to fall down and as soon as possible to find the fire exit.


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