First teach himself

As a wise man walking along the road, admiring the beauty of the world and enjoy life. Suddenly he noticed the unfortunate man, hunched under a burden.
 - Why do you condemn ourselves to such suffering? - Asked the sage.
 - I suffer for the happiness of their children and grandchildren! - Said the man. - My great-grandfather suffered a lifetime of happiness grandfather, grandfather suffered for the happiness of my father, my father suffered for my happiness, and I will suffer all his life, only to my children and grandchildren became happy.
 - Was there at least someone in your family happy? - Asked the sage.
 - No, but my children and grandchildren certainly will be happy! - Said the man.
 - Illiterate not learn to read, and the mole does not raise an eagle! - Said the sage. - Learn first myself to be happy, then you will understand how to make happy their children and grandchildren ...


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