8 lessons of Buddha, which will be useful to everyone. The wisdom accumulated for centuries!

Each of us believes that it sees fit, and rightly so! But I think it is still necessary to take as much good from other cultures. For example, the lessons of the Buddha is so readily available, it is no longer perceived as a religious doctrine, but as useful tips that can be useful in life. Edition offers you to see this. The lessons of the Buddha are so versatile that they will get to know, at least, it is interesting for the overall development. Well, who is not lazy, he will be able to learn for themselves something from what will be much easier to live ...

OK to start small!
You can not achieve success overnight. Every master was once a lover. And each jar filled with water gradually. So the main thing - patience and consistency, then you certainly will succeed.

The thoughts may materialize
In order to accompany you good, you need to start to fill them with your thoughts. If you keep in mind the bad thoughts, then you will certainly overtake the evil that sooner or later will destroy you completely.

Learn to forgive
Do not limit yourself in your anger. Learn to forgive, and he will leave you. Keep someone hurt - the same as in other coal rush in the first place you will always suffer. So, learn to forgive and do it as quickly as possible.

The actions are always very important!
As the proverb says: God gives the bird the worm, but he would never abandon her in his nest. And the Buddha said: « I do not believe in a fate that falls on the person if he is doing something. Fate can fall only to the one who does nothing! I> »

Try to understand others
Before we demand from others to understand you, you do everything you can to understand someone. Listen to other people, to delve into their point of view - and will gain peace of mind. It focuses on how to be happy rather than to be always right.

Defeat yourself
A victory over a much more important than winning the battle. Nobody can take away. To do this, you need to control your thoughts. For those who believe that the thoughts come to mind themselves and are not subject to control, once again we quote the Buddha: « You can not ban a bird flying over them, but you can prevent it to build a nest on your head i>». < br />
Seek harmony
Harmony can not be achieved from the outside. It lives inside of you. You do not reach harmony by getting a new car, or a job. Harmony should settle in your heart!

Be thankful
In any situation you can find something for which you can thank the world. Someone yesterday fell asleep for the last time in his life, but someone today for the last time awake. No matter what happened to you and where you are, you can still find things for which you should be grateful.

I agree that these tips will be useful to anyone who wants to find happiness. If you agree with me, then I share this material with your friends and acquaintances using social networks.

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