Fish with human growth

Volhynia was caught catfish the size of a man who fell for 300 grams of carp.
The fight lasted half an hour, finally, 48-pound giant catfish was pulled.

Ruslan Yablonchuk leader in the ranking of the best fishermen Volyn. In addition megatrofeya, two days fishing Luchaninov has caught "the little things" about 80 kilograms of bream, ide, chub and other fish.

Giant catfish pecked at the bait - 300-gram carp. With a big fish experienced anglers had to fight for half an hour. "He was unlucky that I was standing on the precipice and several times was able to lift it vertically in the water, but this is not like catfish. And lead rods, which pecked catfish, could withstand 100 pounds "- told the" Today "about his fishing hunting Ruslan.

When the giant managed to get to shore, the fisherman was so tired that he had to lie down and rest right next to the catch. Giant catch Ruslan shared with friends (meat river catfish, says very tasty).

This year, he managed to catch a few great big fishes: from 13 to 28 pounds. When pulled out of steal of the "little" catfish, felt that the line several times strongly twitched. After inspecting the catch, surprised - catfish was bitten by their relatives, while he was on the hook Ruslan!

Ruslan, getting out of the river, a few days becomes a hermit. Stored a few loaves of bread, bacon, and a bag of salt to harvest fish.

"Honest hard fisherman now. Many divorced clever networking or explosives. When I sit by the river, I try not to talk on the phone and once again I'm afraid to move his foot, "- shares the secrets of a fisherman.



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