Fattest kid in the world

Santiago Mendos - small Colombian. He is only eight months, but his weight had reached a point twenty one kilogram. For comparison, approximately the same kids weigh five - six years of age. So close was the baby due to her mother. She gave her son the food every time he cried. At the moment, Santiago is considered the biggest kid in Colombia, but most likely this weight "do not boast" none of the eight-month baby in the world. Volunteers from the charity to fight obesity have raised money for treatment of crumbs.

1. The state of health of the child causing serious concern among physicians. Therefore, it is withdrawn from their parents and sent to a hospital in Bogota, the Colombian capital.

2. Santiago's mother blames herself for the situation. She believes that her ignorance was the cause of obesity son. Every time the baby cried, she fed him.

3. The Colombian was genuinely convinced that to calm the children all the women in the world are using breast milk or any other kind of food. When the boy was born, he cried heavily. His mother fed and he calmed down. From being a woman and formed the false stereotype.

4. But this option calming affect not the best way for the boy - he began to gain weight rapidly.

5. Obesity cause serious health problems. Santiago has several times been in the hospital.

6. At this time, the local authorities insisted that the child was taken to the capital hospital. According to doctors, the baby needs an operation, a strict diet and regular exercise. If you do not adhere to these guidelines in the near future the boy can become the owner of a number of serious diseases: diabetes, high blood pressure and problems with joints.

7. Due to a local charity funds were raised for the treatment of Santiago Mendoza.

8. According to preliminary data, before proceeding with the operation the doctors will do everything possible to the child's weight was normalized.

9. The treatment will take place at the clinic under the supervision of the surgeon Colin Caesar Ernesto Guevara. Doctors have warned parents that the recovery process will be long and will require a lot of effort.

10. The boy's mother at the moment is optimistic and believes that her baby will be healthy.


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