Most thick and heavy

Nauru - One of the thickest of nations.
The population of the tiny country located on an island in the Pacific Ocean, only 10 000. The average body mass index of 34-35, which is 70% higher than in other countries in South-East Asia and Africa. And all because of the indiscriminate import of Western fast food as payment for the extraction of phosphate. The most popular food steel fried chicken and cola.

The thickest acrobat (180 kg)

Matt Alaeddine comedian and circus, the circus. He was famous for the ability to get to their feet cheeks. And all this with an impressive weight.

The most fat woman (300 kg)

49-year-old Terri Smith is confined to bed, unable to get up and could not walk. Already I hit the record books. Who suffers from headaches and needed a medical examination, but because of the weight, it simply does not fit into the scanner, and do not even take place in the hospital door.

Terry has never been skinny girl. At age 7, she weighed almost 70 kg. The cause of the woman calls it, that her family was poor and was not able to eat healthy products. In twenty years, Terry has already weighed 120 kg.

Later she developed knee problems, this has led to a wheelchair. And then not having enough exercise and changing eating habits, she rapidly began to gain weight, which led to the current state.

The thickest convicted (270 kg)

In 38-year-old George Jolicoeur has a bad reputation - ordered a lot of food in the restaurant, but was always dissatisfied with their quality and then refused to pay. One day, another scandal ended with the arrest of George, but soon, a few days later, realizing how much it will cost police appetite convict, he was offered the release.

The thickest child


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