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Probably many as I was wondering what it represents as an athlete Alexander Nevsky, but all hands did not reach to dial his name in a search engine. And then came, and I was surprised to say the least! After all, I've never seen his performances, and his film also not ever see, and he calls himself no less "Russian Arnold Schwarzenegger." So let's find out what kind of figure!
For the record: Alexander Kuritsyn (Nevsky) was born July 17, 1971. Author of books: "How to become a Russian Schwarzenegger", "Kickboxer", "Pump your own hands" and others. Member of television "Award of Excellence", "Spite Record" and "Good Morning».
Fasting does not break, will be pictures and video, as finished otpishu ...

All of which reached Kuritsyn he owes money to his family, his arrogance and deceit and corruption of our media. In the 90s, he remembered that the full-on TV extolling their diet Consisting of 2 loaves and 30 sausages, so he became "Mr. World" bodybuilding. But then it soon pinned and he had to justify that the information on the title of "Mr. World" was a mistake media. The blog of Alex Exler's investigation was conducted. That's part of it: & quot; «In competitions WBBF Nevsky participated only in the demonstrations - the so-called" guest posing "for which all participants received a medal on. He and outstanding. No "Mr. Universe", he even did not get there. The only thing he was really - it's a statement of pairs where Nevsky portrayed "Hercules" in the yellow curtains. Also Nevsky Sidorov also participated in the competition, another (!) Couple, what Nevsky and Sidorova won. "In this photo, all can appreciate the shape Kuritsyna with signs of gynecomastia breast gynecomastia often develops in men taking steroids.

Just this man claims that is almost the best friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger!
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