Mysterious tower chankillo

In the coastal Peruvian desert near the oasis, is the oldest building of America - something like a fortress, built on a hilltop.
Fort guarded the south line of 13 towers.

Strengthening looks quite absurd from a military point of view, because it is almost impossible to defend: a plurality of inputs, inside there is no source of water. In addition, the tower is located a few hundred meters from the top of the hill and lined up almost in a straight line.

Therefore, in 2007, archaeologists have put forward a new interpretation. Perhaps it was a place of worship and a kind solar observatory like Stonehenge. The main evidence is that the towers are aligned in accordance with the point of sunrise during the summer and winter solstice, which played an important role in the outlook of many ancient peoples.

Amelia Sparavinya of the Politecnico di Torino (Italy) came to the same conclusion, using a computer program, which is designed to calculate the position of the sun in the sky, and the amount of sunlight falling on the photovoltaic panels.

Indeed, the position of the first tower correspond to sunrise on June 21 and the last - December 21.

It also emerged that the shadow of the towers discarded for a reason. Since this is the tropics, one half of the year, they point to the north, and the other - to the south. When the sun is at its zenith, the shadow disappears.

Perhaps the most farmers receive important information - such as the time of planting perennial crops. But why exactly thirteen towers?



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