Dream man.

Finally, it will be possible to throw an iron. And forget about the washing machine. And lift up a prayer of thanks to the developers. Because everybody to see their prices have not.
The guys from the Wool & Prince developed a material for which they men around the world are obliged to erect a monument. He did not crumple and, more importantly, almost does not need washing. Judge for yourself - the developers ensure that no odor and pollution within one hundred days of continuous nposki. It is clear that "woolen Prince" was painted in detail the technical part of his invention - say, wool fibers are far superior cotton, of which mainly produce today and shirts. They are more flexible, and in the crook of a much hardier (20,000 vs. 3,200 in cotton). And regarding the lack of smell - so they just phenomenal absorb sweat. And he had just gets an unpleasant smell, remaining on the skin. Testers (and tried this know-how fifteen people from different countries) just moan with delight. "All the truth - say - do not crumple, do not stain, does not stink».
And to start the project needed a sheer nonsense - some thirty thousand dollars. And now imagine. I buy four shirts. Suppose, with long sleeves. Was to be wearing them I can during the season about half days a year. That is, 180. A four shirts multiplied by one hundred days to get 400. That is, buying so many, I can not erase and do not iron that joy more than two years. Yes, I then throw them to the monks and buy new ones. And if the rest of the same material to do, there will be a full tryndets three industries - irons, powders and cars. Waiting, sir.


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