Several years ago I had the opportunity to participate with friends in the stretch of the Tu-154 Refurbished 1st engine from one city to another. The aircraft belonged to the airline, which no longer exists - it absorbed the larger companies.
This material has not been published for a long time for one reason - we all are afraid of everything around
So, do not consider the author's material for "dupe" just because of the year of its creation.

During the event, we'll also take a tour of the usual airport in central Russia. Not in that area where there were many of you, and wherever fall units - the employees themselves airport and pilots. In the area where it is still privacy and security above all else. Sometimes - to senility.

48 photos

Getting "beyond the perimeter" involuntarily there is a feeling to be back in the Soviet Union can not be removed without permission, taking pictures, you need a bunch of passes and documents. Step left, step right - shot general feeling was that the sight of the camera people really hysterical begins.
So some photos are not distinguished quality - filmed from the shelter and the most different technique Please do not kick it over.

At first, we were taken to the KDP - Command control room - a place through which the platform gets all the airport staff - from the pilot to the guard.

There sit the doctors who examine pilots, dispatchers. It is precisely the same security checkpoint as well as at the airport. And every man, even if he's in shape and with a pass - pass inspection. And his baggage too. Through a metal detector and we through fluoroscopy - luggage. In general, everything is serious!

Previously, there were even the military, which controlled airspace napichkanoe prohibited zones.

Vonennye gone, the card remains

After a walk through the KDP, where we (who would doubt) banned shoot controllers went to smoke. At the same time familiar with the plan erodroma.

Then, we visited a bunch of airfield machinery. Assigning some units simply blows the brain.

Air guns, vacuum cleaners, etc. etc.

Avtobusik that carries the "Pax" to the aircraft and vice versa.

The machine, cleaning taxiways (RD). Such as go through the streets, but much proapgreyzheny compressor capable of producing a current of air to clear the area for which travels with the aim of disposal thereof by any slag that can be drawn into the turbine aircraft.

Fire Engine, which is quickly crossed the platform and go to your garazhik.

Then came NIVA where VOHRovtsy usually go around the perimeter, checking everything was in order. The second purpose of this machine - to disperse birds from the loud sounds of horns mounted on the roof and inspect the runway to the absence of foreign objects.

Good uncle the chief and his driver kindly agreed to have a ride on the runways (runways)

We drove past the radar, in which the controller keeps track of aircraft landing or after take-off. Background from a terrible - even a cell phone to react when the plate turned in our direction. And the radio in the car - too.

They arrived at the end of the runway, admired driving lights that indicate to pilots at night "way" approaches.

In general, almost never met a smooth runway. Here and there in the middle of the band has a "hump".

Lights PAPI - on them the pilot determines it is below or above the glide slope, if you go "visual."

Then the machine NIVA drove us back, because the plane was preparing for takeoff.

The plane departed. Noisy and beautiful.

And we are flooded in the TECH - a place where planes are waiting for a short-term repair.

Here is our bird, which we are flying. The flight will be "technical" - empty.

The ladder by which never rise ordinary passenger. Only technical personnel.

Product № ...

I came tow tractor ...

... And I dragged our birdie parking.

Well, in the parking lot we have filed an ordinary normal ladder.

Climb into the cabin. Guys find below sets life jackets for loading on board (strange, like fly over the sea are not going).

Shop for the flight is not yet ready. Now it will be vacuumed, cleaned, cover the seat headrest napkins.


The main thing that the toilet? The flight attendant call button! bored - call the flight attendant for a company

While walking, the salon had "polished" three cute girls in overalls (asked them not to take photographs). A terrible beauty has taken their boss - the aunt burly physique pounds under the 120 ...

We go in the cabin. You have to bend down, although my height 174cm all.

Workplace flight engineer. On the table - are the real keys to the plane, without which you will not get on board, and not even be able to "start»

"Overhead" of the pilot seats.

So sees the world, sitting in a chair, "pravak" - co-pilot.

Start checking aircraft ...

On bortseti airfield served food (PDR) - batteries are not native to plant. Our plane "plugged in."

Went to ground equipment, said that the ATM flow and we have included nutrition bortseti. If the bulbs are lit as in the photo - so from that moment to indulge in the cockpit dials and buttons can not be - the plane is fully switched on and energized.

First of all check, no tee blown bulbs to replace them.

Bulbs checked all ...

... One of them. Very beautiful sight!

Panel "autopilot". As such, the autopilot in Tu-154 is not - there AFCS - Automatic on-board control system. Its principle of operation is different from its imported counterparts.

Small inconspicuous hatch on the side of the flight engineer panel and the lid of the three toggle switches and two buttons - all that is necessary to run the three engines of the aircraft)) kidding. Before moving on to the panel, it is necessary to perform another bunch of procedures. For example, open the fuel taps and start the APU - auxiliary power unit.

inspection is completed, the crew came back and we had to stop filming - plus superstitions do not want to get into the frame. I understand them, so give them a call that their faces will not get to the Internet.
Rise, and here under the wing has 600 meters.

The flight lasts only 15 minutes, as one airport to the other only about 200 km.

landing at the airport of destination.

IL-76 in the parking lot next door.

48 Last
Symbol of the destination airport "launched" as a paper airplane
Thank you for your attention.
Special thanks to the team Z25T for help in preparing for the trip.



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