Toilet in the plane

Many people ask whether it was true that the plane so everything is like a train, that is, all the waste dumped just outside? Really interesting, the train can be seen in the toilet hole, and on the plane there. Does this mean that everything is on board?

Initially, it is necessary to resolve the issue that in general is on the plane to cleanliness and hygiene. The aircraft is equipped with water supply and waste removal. Liquid, or rather drinking water, dressed in a special vehicle just before departure.

Water jet. What and how. On the water have a receipt and certificate of conformity. Controlling it is thoroughly believe. You can drink directly from the hose, a witness, although the fan of this action is not. At A-320 need to 200 liters of water and just before its departure is charged into the tank. In most cases, filling takes place until the end, that is until the moment is through a special drainage tube water starts to flow out of the tank. Then H2O is distributed to the boiler, wash basins and sinks. As in model A-320, a little liquid is taken to flush the toilet. The Tu-154 water for flushing separate. It is trying to keep a secret, but the water drained from sinks directly overboard washed his hands ... then let in free flight a little a little water. At the bottom of the aircraft fuselage is a special spout through which the whole process takes place.

On older models, the Tu-154 and Tu-154 are 3 tank (rear toilets, kitchen tables - the middle of the passenger compartment and the front lobby). The tanks are located under the ceiling and the water flows by gravity back. The system is quite complicated to maintain and deliver a lot of inconvenience. For example, these models have to refuel tanks separately, dashes from tank to tank. In more modern aircraft directed to the tank liquid is distributed by shells boilers and other pressure points. It is created in the water tank by air compressors. It's simple. Now back to the vital subject - toilet. It is clear that with the dregs do the same wrong. Therefore, the A-320 comes in a special waste tank 170 liters, but in the Tu-154 is a little different picture.

About the toilets on the plane and related issues in the tank lasciviousness kept the entire flight. The A-320 is removed from the dregs of the toilet using a vacuum. That is, they simply sucked into the tank. There is no certainty that it is possible to cling to the toilet, but I do not advise to experiment, because in theory, it is quite likely. Buck Tu-154 is equipped with a filter to retain large particles. The rest is used for flushing. During the flight, the concentration of evil in the water is constantly increasing. Whatever this substance is not the stench of the whole room it added chemicals rather small bags with them to throw right into the toilet. The smell and the principle of the matter is the same as in biotoilets. Boeing-737 Classic is no different and feces ruthlessly chase in a circle during the flight. The liquid should be refilled before each take-off, which is done on a mandatory basis.

Throughout this system, there is a problem - the human factor. Someone can drop a big little thing in the toilet and then there is a serious problem technicians. If it is cosmetic or lid of the kettle, the aircraft can be damaged for a long time! There is not the plumbing, which can be sorted out in a few minutes. For pipes in an airplane it is very difficult to pin down. If dropping by accident - it is clear, who does not happen, but when to tuck the diaper or a tampon ... These things swell to enormous size and destroy the whole system. All of this took out the people with his own hands, so I ask you, use the trash.

As soon as the plane arrives at its destination to it immediately pulls the car with a huge bellows.

Tu-154M. The panels at the airport service.

Boeing-737 of

This opening to empty the tank. Hose at any moment can break and pour the contents down. There were times that the right people.

I would not like that to the contents fell on the skin, especially on the face. So lightning reaction - a professional skill.

In cases when something did not work right away, it clung to the walls of the tank or get stuck in other unseen reasons - the contents of the tanks and latrines washed.

The further fate of the waste from the toilet of the aircraft from an aircraft like everything is clear, but what happens next with waste? The car with a special tank is driven to a place where there was not every technician. Few people know where it is and how it looks. And it is good, because the spectacle is not for the faint hearted. The smell is terrible, no experienced people just tears. It's something like a pool of 10 by 5 meters and a depth of about 1.5 meters. The car pulls up to it, opens the flap and poured the entire contents. Often something gets stuck and we have to using metal rods and sticks to send it to the pool. Many workers are accustomed to doing it hands (so quickly). For special Rushing down the toilet thing is not on purpose, I came up with the punishment. May perform the duties of these people. I think true, and do you think?



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