Matured actors movie Major Payne

One of the funniest comedies of the 90s is the film "Major Payne", who was not looking, I advise necessarily correct this situation.

Many years have passed since the time of the premiere, the actor who played the lead roles - have matured.
Let's look at them.

Major Benson Winifred Payne - Damon Wayans
One member of the acting is incredibly productive little family Wayans.

Emily Uolbern - Karyn Parsons
The latter role is listed for it in 2002.

Cadet Alex Stone - Steve Martin
Threw his acting career and became quite successful screenwriter.

Cadet Kevin "Tiger" Dunn - Orlando Brown
Made quite a successful career as a TV star.

Cadet Dotson - Andrew Leeds
Periodically removed in the TV show. He was educated in the field of computer technology.


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