Movie posters of our time

14-year-old Mehdi Chowdhury (Mahdi Chowdhury)
made posters for some of our
different time favorite movies.

P.S. and even cult director turned his party - drew
15 pictures will

1-st: Lost in translation, they also
Lost in Translation

2-nd: Audrey Tautou of Amelie and her

3-rd: «move out" night Taxi Driver Martin Scorsese

4-th: Vertigo or dizziness 1958

5-th: «The work of art" F.F.Koppoly Apocalypse NOW

6-th: needs no introduction Leon Killer

7-th: Inglorious Bastards and Apache himself

8-th: Face of Natalie Portman as a poster to the Black Swan

9-th: Paranoid and sarcastic - Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs and

10-th: I could not get around the 14-year-old artist with his grandfather Pixar air home - UP!

11-th: Clint Eastwood mativam of the trilogy and the prequel trilogy Dollar

12-th: proceed to the promised directors. So, Charlie Chaplin in a vision Copper Chowdhury.

13-th: Stanley Kubrick

14-th: Already mentioned today, Martin Scorsese

15-th: Sergio Leone and F.F.Koppola



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