Unbelievable predictions: 13 things that were promised to us in the movie "Back to the Future" in the 2015th.

Probably each of us in the distant '80s, as a child, and even as a young man or a young man stare sci-fi comedy about time travel "back to the future." Do not tell me you do not remember! Then nobody thought guessing that sky-high future represented in the film, just around the corner, and after 20-30 years, all of these things and does not seem to be a fantasy. Let's see what new invention, the director of the futuristic creations of "Back to the Future" by Robert Zemeckis has promised us in 2015 to the year. Is the future of which we are all dreaming of as a child, has already arrived? Or is it still far from being represented in the film of technological progress?

Points phones

Automatic leashes, dog walkers

Food hydrator

Running shoes with laces samozavyazyvayuschimisya

Futuristic fashion speak vests and helmets of various forms of strange

«Jaws ​​19" and holographic movie posters


Super-bottle of "Pepsi"

Home energy converter Mr. Fusion

Mobile Gardens

Self-adjusting jacket, which she dries

Flying Machine < br />

laser disk

Well, the predictions turned out to be the creators of the film, even if it is not accurate, but is not far from reality. I sometimes think that the rapid development of technology ahead of someone else's vision of the future. Share this interesting information with all who also loved to watch this exciting movie.

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