The very first Ferris wheel

The most favorite attraction for children and adults, can be called "ferris wheel».
Almost every major city in this building set, and in Moscow and they did seven pieces.
The first Ferris wheel appeared in America in 1893, and was intended to be a worthy response ... the Eiffel Tower.
The fact that in the 1893 Chicago World's Fair was held, ambitious and enterprising Americans simply had to hit the whole world is no less than the French, who built the previous World Exposition in Paris, a giant metal Eiffel Tower.

Renowned engineer George Washington Gale Ferris decided to outdo presumptuous Europeans can using huge rotating steel wheel with attached huts, where visitors will be with bated breath admire the Chicago aerial view. Oh, what can not be denied to the Americans, so it is in business acumen and ability to keep his word. Think - done. The huge steel machine was built for the opening of the exhibition, the diameter of the wheel was 75 meters (for comparison - the largest diameter of the wheel in Moscow, 73 meters). Mahina weighed about two tons, was above the highest at the time of the American skyscraper, and rotated by two steam engines with a capacity of a thousand horsepower each. It was attached to the wheel 36 booths the size of a good coach - in each can accommodate 60 viewers. Main wheel axle weighing 70 tons and became at that time the largest wrought iron piece in the history of mankind. The success was stunning - the wheel or idle for a minute, and after the show in Chicago, and even participate in the exhibition in St. Louis. A successful idea was picked up around the world, first in Britain and then in Europe. Even after 10 years in the world, there were more than a hundred similar Ferris wheel.

However, it must be said that a strong practical side of the Americans, in spite of the scale, commercial benefit, successful design of a giant wheel, wipe your nose and the French have failed. The Eiffel Tower has become a proud symbol of Paris and France, the symbol of beauty and triumph of engineering, and the very Parisian exhibition is remembered only because of famous buildings. Ferris Wheel also became just an ordinary fairground rides, "ferris wheel", as it was called in the days of my childhood. And the only consolation engineer Ferris was the fact that in the English language "Ferris wheel" is still called "ferrisovo wheel».

Huge forged wheel axle.

The local advertising in those years the image of the wheel was very popular.



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