The girl dropped 50 pounds

31-year-old Claire Hughes (Claire Hughes) from the village Maypole, Birmingham, England, has experienced an incredible sense of shame. She went with their children at local fairs. During the fair she climbed on the ferris wheel, but the operators asked her to get off, because the wheel has stopped due to overload. Claire Hughes decided to pull myself together and lose weight. As a result, she was able to lose 50 pounds!

Claire Hughes said about the case on the Ferris wheel: "The mechanism of the wheel, which is not yet fully crank, began publishing a strange rattle. Bottom guy started screaming, they say, on the wheel will not spin - overload. I had to come down. This story takes place four years ago. Then I weighed almost 150 pounds ».

Claire knew she was not skinny, but after the infamous case of the Ferris wheel, she realized what has become. She enlisted the help of his friend, who was a boxing trainer. He gave the address and invited to the gym. Claire joined a boxing section and began to train for example Rocky from the same legendary film.

"The first time I was very much afraid, then I realized boxing - that's what I need. Boxing - a great way to throw out the anger "- admitted Claire. Through training Briton managed to lose 50 pounds. Moreover, four years after the start of training Claire was asked to become a boxing trainer.


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