Not Herbalife

- Bloke, I'm fat !!! - Tragedy would envy in his voice, and Anna Karenina.
 - Again?! - I asked a sensitive bloke - In the past month, you've had colon.
 - Yes! Again! Everything I lose weight and only one dial and gain weight.
 - Varvara Pavlovna from the personnel department? - Khmyrov demonstrated not only sensitive, but also the amazing shrewdness.
 - 15 kg. - Voice reported killed his wife. - Three weeks.
 - Teeks. Similarity totals. Six months ago, I was sick of yogurt because Varvara Pavlovna dropped to 20 kilograms of lactic acid diet. So?
 - So.
 - In the Kremlin diet I was really pulled math, counting points. Not otherwise in the Kremlin nutritionist Lobachevsky worked. Varvara Pavlovna dropped 23 pounds suprotiv our eight rooms. So?
 - So what? Eight double ...
 - Do not knock me down. Exclude bread and tubs of ice water Varvara Pavlovna allowed to throw 18 kilos of your suprotiv 5. So?
 - So. What are you trying to say?
 - And now 15 kilos. According to my calculations Varvara Pavlovna weighing from zero to minus ten kilograms. I have seen it in the photographs it was on the strength of kilograms 70.
 - Nuu. Well it and dials. Dials, then resets.
 - Let Varvara Pavlovna to share experience with livestock Nechernozemie. They dream of such rapid weight gain.
 - Bloke !!! Not to speak my teeth. It is about me. I'm fat, and this must have something to do. - Of course! We must take a thread and needle and alter buttons on clothing. - Dismissed frowns all hopes on shopping.
 - Bloke, this rudeness! I say - I need to lose weight.
 - Immediately warn - in the case of diet I cook separately and normally. I refuse to have any low-calorie, even very useful silage.
 - No. Varvara Pavlovna lose weight without dieting.
 - She has worms?
 - In my head you have worms. She goes on shaping.
 - I have come to you and buy you turnichok post, despite the fact that you have not hulahup demolition. Rope we have. Music too. Shower for the convenience of visitors.
The minimum number of spectators. After two months of hard training you pobesh Varvara Pavlovna on the scales and in the ring.
 - There is a group, the coach ...
 - But you - individual training! Nobody knows you better than you yourself. Why adapt to the group? The coach can make mistakes. And then there are all nearby. Well?
 - Do you think ...
 - I am sure! And you're so Varvara Pavlovna - shaping your garbage. You glance at me, Varvara Pavlovna. That is what will power! All the personnel department will die of envy. And there you go - a strong, strong-willed woman!
 - Khmyrov is eloquence do not because you feel sorry for money for shaping?
 - No of course. Saved money we spend on your clothes. Wake you up tomorrow at five in the morning?
 - Why so early?
 - And when? It's about time. Tough schedule, the hard work is over, and striking results in two months. This is for the first week would be difficult. It will all get sick. And then you get used to it and even live without it can not.
 - Oh ... And ... And maybe ...
 - Yes, dear. In fact, you are not so thick. You really are. Bones need only to dogs. You simply charming. It Varvara Pavlovna need decorations. And you do not. No need to change anything.
 - You think? Well, okay. I told her and say - my husband likes me and such.
 - I can even give a written testimony. - Readily offered bloke. - And now that we have changed their minds to become Olympians, let's have dinner on this occasion.



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