The first Ferris wheel powered by solar energy, will be installed in Moscow

Put it in Krylatskoye in the Park "fairy Tale". The height of the structure is 35 meters. On each stall there will be images of heroes of Russian fairy tales: the Firebird, Brownie, Goblin, Baba Yaga. All characters will be 18 for the number of booths.

Booths will be closed, each for six people. The first visitors to the Ferris wheel ready to take in August. The consumption of solar energy wheel will transfer in summer 2017, and while it will run on electricity. The ride will run year-round. The wheel spacers will set on concrete slabs, not to dig a deep pit and not to harm the environment of the Moskvoretsky nature reserve. The bottom will zadekorirovat ivy.

According to the head of Department for nature use and environmental protection Anton Kulbachevsky, the Ferris wheel is designed to meet all safety standards, and in accordance with "green" standards. published by P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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