Crocodile Hunter and his son

Famous Australian naturalist and host of "Crocodile Hunter" died in 2006, his name was Steve Irwin (Steve Irwin).
He left a son, do you think what he's doing?

Now, growing new "hunter", his son Bobby. Young Irwin began performing at the zoo Australia Zoo in the show with crocodiles. And if it is now late father saw his son, he no doubt would be proud of them.

Eight-year Bobby previously participated in various television shows and events for native Irwin family zoo, as well as his sister Bindi and Terri's mother, and his father Steve dragged him along to the show with the crocodiles feeding infants. But in a separate show with crocodiles, until recently, he did not participate.

Crocodiles in his show is true to match Bobby's very young, but they should be able to handle every meter crocodile is armed with a full set of sharp teeth and carelessness and negligence can even lose a finger

Bobby Irwin Shaw is a success. Spectators in the stands are touched by the way he looks like even look at his father, and as has already been able to consistently and confidently and safely handle dangerous animals. Most of the arena with crocodiles, Bobby still has not left. Beside him, the boy hedging adult caretaker, but I feel that in fact grown among wild animals child and one would do well.


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