Dead people during the occupation business

Sarah Burke

It has successfully lobbied for the addition of freestyle halfpipe skiing in the list of Olympic games.

January 10th, 2012 during a training session in the Salt Lake City Sarah Burke dropped when the element "dablkork." I land on one leg and then hit his head on the ice. As a result of rupture of the vertebral artery had a brain hemorrhage. At the hospital, Salt Lake City doctors connect it to a system of artificial respiration and circulation, as well as carried out an operation on the damaged artery. January 19 Sarah Burke from the comfort of a coma, died of cardiac arrest.

According to the will of her organs were donated for medical purposes

Shane McConkey

Professional skier, skydiver and BASE jumper. I lived in Squaw Valley, California.

Shane McConkey was killed March 26, 2009, riding in the Dolomites in Italy. By double backflip, McConkey had to use a wingsuit - "he has performed this trick several times," according to the company Matchstick Productions, McConkey whose films are often shot. But Shane had a problem with vystёgivaniem of skis. When he still managed to get rid of them, he was 12 seconds in free fall and the earth was too close. Parachute failure was not - he did not have time to use it.

His name Shane McConkey Foundation (Eng. The Shane McConkey Foundation), which was founded to encourage the international community of skiers, adventurers and ordinary people who share a passion for life. Foundation honors those who encourage others to positive changes in their lives and in the world.

Daniel DeLaVergne

Daniel was a professional filmmaker, photographer and kayaker.

March 6, 2006 Daniel is located in a tunnel near Asheville, North Carolina, USA, in order to make a good shot, but unfortunately went back into the tunnel the train, who knocked him down.

Daniel was named photographer of the year adventurer according to National Geographic in 2005. Media Arts has established a prize in his name for the same photographers adventurers

Allison Crews

Professional photographer, was killed along with professional skier Kip Garry when trying to descent on the eastern slope of Split Mountain. They covered the avalanche when climbing.

Jean-Christophe Lafaille


Last rise Lafaya was one of the most daring. In December 2005, he started a single attempt to climb Makalu (8462m). This idea was originally a suicide, but Lafaya danger was an important part of the experience.

All week after he did not come out on bond, he searched but did not find.

Steve Fossett

American businessman, balloonist, yachtsman

September 3, 2007 Steve Fossett flew a single-engine plane from a private airfield in Nevada. After some time, the connection with him was lost. Fuel his plane was enough for 4-5 hours of flight. Fossett was carrying only one bottle of water and had no parachute. The search for a missing adventurer continued for several days. Fossett did not leave his flight controllers plan; we know only that he wanted to fly to the south in search of a place suitable for the race on speed. They committed dozens of sorties of airplanes and helicopters to search for the missing.

Only 16 February 2008, he was officially recognized by the court of the city of Chicago died. Thus, the claim was satisfied traveler his wife Peggy, who asked to recognize her widow to join the right of inheritance status Fossett.

October 1, 2008 near the town of Mammoth Lakes (Eng. Mammoth Lakes), located on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain tourists accidentally found Fossett crash site. It was in the mountains impassable 8, 5 km to the west of the mountain ski resort area in Mammoth, to which the town of Mammoth Lakes leads to the west 14 km-long road number 203 California. At the crash site, in addition to the wreckage of the aircraft were found that belonged to Steve Fossett, including: Certificate of the Federal Aviation Administration in the name of Fossett, aircraft management license, identity card, and 1005 dollars. Also, the predators were found scattered human bones, which immediately sent for DNA examination. At 1, 5 months DNA examination confirmed that the remains found at the crash site, owned by Steve Fossett. Thus, his death was officially confirmed.

Investigation of the disaster showed that the plane Fossett was serviceable up to the moment of impact with the ground, and the most likely causes were recognized as strong winds and powerful downdraft, which hit the aircraft.

Sion Milosky


17 March 2011 on the waves spot Mavericks in the Northern California surfer killed prominent of our times Sion Milosky. This guy, the body which raged Hawaiian blood, do not waste your time on trifles, fearlessly saddle the biggest waves, one of which cut short his life

Arne Beckstrom

Extreme, skier

Arne was in the area Kordillera Blanca in Peru with his friends Kip Garre and Dave Rozenbargerom who went to South America for a month to make the ski ascent to the summit of Pisco (5752 m). The group arrived in Peru May 28, 2010 and settled camp at 4650 m in the valley Llanganuko. The misfortune happened on June 3 morning group from the camp to reach the summit, and at 9:25 in the morning skiers began their descent. Arne went first to check the condition of the snow and which route is best to go down, and then disappeared from sight Kip and Dave. On the radio, he also ceased to respond. Half an hour later friends found the lifeless body of Arne bottom of the slope. Pulse is not detectable, and despite the presence of a helmet, he had a head injury.

Kip Gerre

Professional skier

He was killed along with Allison Crews (See above.)

Hendrik «Hendri» Coetzee

An avid hiker and writer.

December 7, 2010 the crocodile suddenly attacked Hendrik Coetzee (Hendrik Coetzee), who led the American expedition in the heart of the Congo. Two American tourists just watched in horror everything happening because the guide was immediately killed and eaten by a predator. Before they reached the shore safely. The body is not found Hendrik.

Mark Fuu

Professional surfer

23 December 1994, Marc was killed on a wave in Half Moon Bay. Presumably it faced a wave and blow on the bottom of the head, which he received as a result of the fall, turn it off. He could not come up ...

Dan Osman

American climber and Extreme.

He is the founder roupdzhampinga, jumping rope at high altitudes. To climb, he often broke, but he held the rope while he got the idea that you can try to jump on it over a cliff. And there was roupdzhamping. He acted in several films «Masters of Stone», which popularized solo ascent. Dan Osman was killed in 1998 in Yosemite National Park by jumping from rock to dynamic rope. The rope broke.

Alex Lowe

Legendary climber

In 1999 he took part in an expedition to Mount Shishapangma (14th highest mountain in the world). The team had planned to climb the mountain and then descend on skis. But on the way up on them an avalanche.

Rich Weiss

Canoeists (two-time Olympic champion)

June 25th, 1997 at river rafting White Salmon he drowned hitting his head on a rock in the rapids called "Big Brother»

Steve Irwin

Naturalist, TV.

September 4, 2006 at 11 am Steve Irwin went diving into the water to remove the large hvostokolov the Great Barrier Reef. He was collecting material for his next film "Deadly creatures of the ocean." Leading many times down to the slopes. In principle, this predator is rarely truly dangerous to humans: the coast of Australia recorded only two cases of deaths of tourists stung slopes.

But, apparently, Steve too often teased his death. One of the fish attacked the lead when he was over it. Ramp lifted his tail with a poisonous sting at the end and hit him in the chest with Steve. Sting got exactly chest naturalist. The operator, which sailed after Steve Irwin, filmed his death on videotape. Later, she was transferred to the wife of Steve - Terry, she decided to destroy it.

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