Carving and beyond. A look from the inside.

Friends, this branch is not fully disclose the subject carving. I, as a fan and photographer happened to be on the All-Russia annual competition of the masters of carving, which was held in Moscow in 2009, the year.

In Russia, there are several schools of carving. One of them teaches Chernomurova Svetlana D. of Kropotkin. The team, which is Kropotkin in the photo below. From right to left: Svetlana D. - ass, master gold hands and a specialist knife.

Allen - one of the best students and the future of Russia. Owns knives so professionally that with eyes closed ten knives in the bullseye!

Alexander - Russian golden hands. Knives has better Alena. Steven Seagal and not standing next to.

I will try to tell you how everything happens. That is to say, the view from inside the inexperienced photographer. It will be a lot of photos and bukovok. Please do not break compilation. When completed - will tell.

Before the competition, we have to prepare the workplace

Open tool

And put it on a clean cloth. Judges carefully look over the instrument. If something on which lie the knives or blades themselves will be dirty, the team will be removed from the competition.

In addition, you need to prepare the raw material

So the start is given. Please note that the contestants work alone. In a pair of work is prohibited. In addition to the creation of individual masterpieces is given a certain amount of time.

When you create a composition judge can come and see how the participant (in the background). Mentor at this time to be around is prohibited. Spectators and coaches at the time of competition is removed from the hall. Login enclose a special line. If the coach during the competition will help the board or go down to the hall, where the works of the exposition - the command will be removed from the competition.

Before you proceed to cut, clean vegetables

Then proceed to the jewelry knives

Working with peppers require particular attention

To make the desired shape pepper used different knives set

Cabbage is cut neatly

Clean unnecessary items

And hands to shape

Pay attention to how finely sliced. Jewelry work!

To the vegetables have lost form, while they are placed in water

The works of two masters, which I outlined were awarded with diplomas

and diploma Alexander

"Gifts of Autumn". Jobs Alena

"Flowers." The work of Alexander

Now let's walk through the exhibition and look at the finished work, which were shown before the start of competition.

"Roses". Beets. As the decorations used artificial leaves

"White Rose". Radish, zucchini and herbs. All edible

"Bouquet of flowers". Carrots, watermelon, radishes

"Coach for Cinderella". made, as in the fairy tale pumpkin.

She is. Closeup

once again. Around this composition was a lot of people.

Peacock. Use the following vegetables: beets, pumpkin, carrots, radish

Pushkin and goldfish. Gogol Pannochka

Gogol Pannochka story of "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka." Pumpkin

Kala. Radishes, carrots

Roses. Beets, carrots, cabbage (in the background) and radishes

Roasted carrots

Sunflower Watermelon

Poppies. Made of radish and sweet peppers

"Bird of paradise". Radishes, carrots, pumpkin

Fountain "King-fish". Pumpkin, watermelon (on the sides). The flowers are made of radish and radish

"Angels." Made of radish. Also involved in the composition of pumpkins, radishes, cabbage

The exhibition and competition of carving were on the first floor of the pavilion. The second was an exhibition of masters of chocolate-caramel-sugar glaze art.

"Russian hero". Stone - white chocolate. Horse - white chocolate. Hercules - dark chocolate. All edible. Tea at the fair did not offer unfortunately

"To ing people get married." The painting is made of gel for painting. The gel simple sugar, glucose syrup, water and a thickener carrageenan. So the picture is literally sugar.

Another masterpiece from sugar

It was controlling my mind. When you see everything live, slowly sliding to the floor on the third picture. Why not served tea !!!

Chocolate grace. And made entirely of chocolate. Two pictures on the right, the background made of sugar. The painting, which is on the left ... however, it is now, we will approach

The picture is called "Whirlwind of passion»

The amazing work of the chocolate! Where is my tea !!!!! ??? )))

Tea set from sugar. Brought to the contest in Moscow, Kazan! Service is very, very fragile

Naborchik closeup

The picture is made from sugar

Close-up of a previous sugar texture pattern

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When I saw this creature, I could not believe his eyes. The flowers are made of sugar. However, this miracle is called "Composition with sugar flowers, made by the British technique of" yin-yang »

With fotochki bit confused))

Close-up of sugar texture pattern is slightly above

Picture of chocolate. Frame edible. However, everything else - too. So, everything ... It's time to look for tea!

"Dancing girl". Chocolate. Girl and lawn - white chocolate with the addition of the dye. Stone white chocolate with the addition of the dye. Dark Circles - brown chocolate. It looks like natural wood "walnut".

Young craftswoman chocolate Affairs and its chocolate "Little Red Riding Hood." Incidentally, the cap at the end of the exhibition ate!

And as the curtain fell. Check for the most persistent. "Flower of the cosmos." Vase, and all of it sticks made of caramel

"Space Flower" close-up. From far it seems that this colored glass or something else. However, this is - one big sweetness! All I finished. Go for tea with sugar to pour))))



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