Ghost grandmother saw on the ultrasound

A married couple and Famela Marcelo de Souza (Marcelo and Phamela de Souza) went to the US to look at their unborn child.
They were shocked when they saw the image in the picture, like the face of his dead mother Marcelo.

Strange "face" appeared on one of the images suddenly from somewhere from the uterus

The procedure was performed at 10 weeks of pregnancy and the future father immediately noticed a strange image on the screen, but was afraid to tell his wife about it. However, she soon saw that person in the photo and showed it to her husband. According to Marcelo it was very similar to the face of his mother, who died just 4 months before.

In the photo of the child was nothing unusual

Shocked wife think so man's mother filed a sign that she is reborn in this child. Now their daughter three years and Marcelo are still convinced that it was his mother:

 - I immediately realized that this was it. She came back to us to continue to care for us and love us. I showed the picture many of his friends and they were shocked by the similarity. A friend was so shocked that he even could not sleep after that.

So I look at the life of the mother of Marcelo



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